Davido or Wizkid: Who’s the better & bigger artiste?

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Lol lately on twitter & other social platforms the undying & ending comparison between Starboy CEO ‘Ayo Wizkid Balogun’ & Co- owner HKN records ‘David Davido Adeleke’ has become a huge topic.

Well this issue isn’t as complicated as fans make it seem especially on twitter, what makes you a successful artist? Thats the question being ignored by people while making this comparison basically ‘my opinion’ of a successful artist is based on ‘awards’ ‘fan base’ ‘hit songs’ etc. So lets compare based on these.

Awards : Wizzy (Wizkid) as he’s fondly called by fans has been in the industry for 13years now, wow thats big 13years of consistency isn’t easy & all through these years he’s bagged in all a total of 16awards which includes

i) 1BET award.

ii) 3Headies awards.

iii) 3 NEA

iv) 1MOBO

v) 1Channel O MVA

vi) 1Ghana music

vii) 2City people

viii) 2Dynamix awards.

ix) 1Future award.

x) 1 4stye TV MVA award

…and also nominations from NMVA; World music awards; MTV Africa music awards; MTV Europe music awards which in total sums to 49. Currently CEO of his own famous ‘Starboy Entertainment’ & also signed to ‘Empire Mates Entertainment’ ‘konvict muzik’ & ‘Disturbing London’ home to Tinie Tempah & Jessie J. , Akon’s O.B.O.

(Davido) surprisingly has been in the industry for 3years & to be honest he’s already doing well for himself the songwriter, singer & producer has 17awards to his name he has

i) 1BET award

ii) 2MTV Africa music awards

iii) 1KORA award

iv) 1NMVA award

v) 2Dynamix awards

vi) 1City people people

vii) 1Channel O people

viii) 4NEA awards

ix) 3Headies awards

x) 1Ghana music award & surprisingly he has only 25nominations thats too impressive for an artist.

Fan Base Now this is a very difficult part between both artists, they both have die hard fans ready to do anything no matter how crazy. You can hardly see any of them anywhere both Nigeria or any part of Africa even some major places in the world without them being mobbed hardly.

The two of them can drop a song whenever & the response will be too massive both on air & off air, but recently I think Davido’s fan base keeps increasing daily like every song he drops is like fuel to his already existing flame. Some argue the reason is because of Wizkid’s delay of his 2nd album, well I don’t see how this even relates, the star boy CEO dropped two singles recently & they didn’t do well also he announced his collaborations with Rihanna & Chris Brown dropping in the album hopefully the Wizzy we used to know will be resurrected.

Hit Singles Again another difficult category ,the Stayboy CEO has mad crazy singles to his name ‘holla at your boy‘tease me’ ‘Azonto’ ‘jaiye jaiye’ ‘don’t dull’ ‘pakurumo’ ‘dance for me’ ‘caro’ ‘on top your matter’ etc . These songs at their release some with his debut album ‘Superstar’ released in 2011 were all big hit songs, club bangers & gained maddddd airplay with good videos to match, I must also confess Wizkid’s “superstar’ album is one of the best albums from Nigeria, every track on the album was a hit every track chai.

While Davido has song extremely good songs too,not just good songs but some were anthems in the streets & the media for a long time from ‘back when’ ‘dami duro’ ‘skelewu’ ‘gobe’ ‘all of you’ ‘ekuro’ ‘aye’ ‘gbon gbon’ & recently ‘tchelete (good life) were all huge songs big anthems undeniably but truth is Wizkid’s ‘superstar’ album was better than Davido’s ‘O.B.O.’ album but then Davido’s ‘dami duro’ is undeniably bigger than any track Wizkid ever made . But irrespective Wizkid paved the way for him (Davido) who paved the way for others now.

So Who’s a better & bigger artist?????????????


Written By : Tunde Sanni



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  1. Wizkid is overall a better all around artist and entertainer. Not perfect, but he just has that STAR power. It’s funny that Davido released an album last year so should be reigning, yet he’s being compared avidly to someone who last released an album in 2011. Davido is great, but Wiz honestly is on a deeper level. I mean, Rihanna will not just do a song with just anybody, or just Davido. But she can easily do a song with Wiz. Those who know, know. And those who know, just smile when they hear of the comparisons. Also, if you want your party to rock, and you have to put your money on the line, most people still go with Wizkid.

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  4. i swear with my life wizkid is a true definition of what they call talent..davido just forced his self to the game with his dad’s money luckily 4 him he made it.wizkid has gain so much both awards,money and fans through music,,lets forget about daddy’s money here! and 4 mrs joy or what so eva 419 name u call ur self BACK OFF

  5. Wizzy is a definition of Jay z and Davido like Nas…. who is the best? Nas! For me is not about the voice, is about doing good shirt…! what they both drop speaks for themselves…Davido gat that more view than wizzy, so forget it Davido is the man.

  6. Yaaagh… Wiz kid z d man… Who b davido e don baff were wizkid dey davido nor reach nd clothes wey wiz dey wear davido dey do lebuke 2 buy am… Bad man wizzy

  7. I hate to be sentimental, Much as I love both artistes. Music is about talent and business. Talent favours wizzy to some extent, but Davido knows the game better. Wizzy is just an opportunist-the street showed him love and reception, unlike Davido who proved himself worthy of street’s love. Freestyles with meaningless lyrics won’t help Wizzy as time goes on- audience are getting wiser everyday and the industry is becoming more competitive. For all I know the fame is what’s keeping Wizzy, although its bound to diminish when he keeps disappointing fans like he did me. Its enough to have the talent, its another to maintain your talent and put it to optimum use, I don’t see Wizzy doing that lately unlike before. Some people claim Davido’s dad financial influence had help him in the music industry, truth be told, maybe to some degree, but its obvious that the dude is hardworking and compared to Wizzy who has suddenly turned lazy looking for international film where he won’t be recognized, perhaps this is because the like of Banky W has lesser influences on him nowadays. Maybe Wizzy should ask DBanj what’s up with GoodMuzic. Wizzy would be better if he can retrace the one time wizzy we use to know, davido is at his best for now, and I hope he keeps the form- trust me you’re getting to street love you deserve Bro.

    1. who’s better Will be determined this September, both of them are going to release their albums. I’ll go for wizkid sha

  8. There comes a time that u all will bow for Davido cos he is improving nd wizzy is there f**king up with his career but the fact is dat wizkid I’d talented and Davido is learning nd proving it to everyone that he is better than him

  9. I beg wetin b d meaning of obo? omo baba olowo or pussy in yoruba language any which 1 all i have to say is dat there is difference between abinibi and ability dat is to say,wizkid is naturally gifted why obo brags about his father money wealth, u cannot compare d both artist,we know what politicians can do to get what they want, if dey can pay people to vote for dem in politics,dey can also pay people to vote for dem in award, westwood tv said it all,the both artist are not rappers but as a gifted artist u should b able to relate 2 any type of music. buy music?? pay to feature and a very loud mouth, Na ur papa money o

    1. Enter your comment here…wizzy has been in de industry for 13years,u lie u don’t kwn hw to lie and davido 3years u don’t need to tell us u are for davido becuz we kwn through these false information u just gave,wizzy and obo are both good like wizzy has de talent davido just kwn hw to sing wizzy needs to fink and add more creativity to his videos and songs yagga

  10. My friends both are good but when it comes to great talent and who is more better Wizkid starboy noni is the best.i love till i die.I will love him forever the rest back off and fuck off this story

  11. If wizzy has been for 13 years how old is he n how old did he start singing ….I can’t sit and hear davido songs his voice alone ruins the vibe …all I see him doing his singing his fathers money that’s all…but wizzy born talent …femi kuti will tell u more …..but as for that 13 years ..u lie

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