Davido and Wizkid Fire Shots At Each Other…Again

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Some time last week, we reported that Wizkid and Davido were taking shots at each other on social media and while then it was a lot of mere speculation, recent activity by them both has confirmed the feud.

Yesterday, Wizkid closed out his successful New York show with a post on Instagram with a thank you to Wale and Akon for supporting him. He then continued with what can be construed as a sub aimed at Davido. He said “Thank u so much NewYork!! Amazing show last night!! Big up @wale nd @akon for showing me love!! Proper show! Proper venue! Boys talk!! Men work!!

Davido diss

Davido responded with a tweet some hours later saying:

Any comments on this? And this begs the million dollar question – Davido and Wizkid who is the better artist?



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  1. I perfer wizkid over davido but davido’s song makes waves now moredan wizkid’s song. Well both ae good in their own ways

  2. Wizkid should know by now that Davido is like the Sun currently and cannot be outshined. Any attempt to swim against the Davido tide would end in had I known. So let Davido be! That’s what happens when people are freestyling when others are writing down songs or even buying bettersongs from better writers. Music is serious business and Davido gives it the serious attitude it requires.

  3. i feel like i like davido but it was stupid of him to reply to sh*t with more sh*t soo..av changed my mind.Both are like 4yr olds craving to out do each other for attention..”SMH”..

    1. Wizkid(StarBoy)is much better than davido..Am not saying it because he is my Godfather,Even his music makes sense than davido’s song..Wizbaby keep it up i love you and all your music

  4. @ Tornskid, u have no right to call either of them names. I blieve u did dat bcos u’re stil a kid just lyk u’ve kid at d end of ur nick name

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