Chris Bamidele’s Corner: Wedding Blues… Episode 5 by @Degreatest2

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wedding blues


Dayo stares at Odion, looking confused; he is not sure whether to tell Odion the whole truth about his sexcapades with Bola or not. But he figures there is no point in hiding anything anymore, “If the police could lay their hands on a sextape between him and Bola, that means anybody could have seeing it and it is probably in the open, so there won’t be any reason to hide anything for his lawyer” he reasons.

“Odion, I will tell you the whole truth, but first how is Bisi? Have you seen her? Has she seeing this purported video by any means?”

“Your wife is fine, I was with her in the hospital the very first day, and she is placed under a 24-hour watch by the police, because the plan was to charge her as an accomplice in this murder case as soon as she is well enough. I however advised her to feign weakness and pains for a few more days at least to give me enough time to sort everything out and seek for bail…”

“Hmm, that’s a good one at least, but how are we sure she has not seeing this video the police claimed to have” Dayo asks looking pensive

“Dude, as bad as Bisi seeing the video may sound, the situation thrown up by the sudden appearance of the same video is what you should worry about now. If Bisi sees the video, or if she has seeing it, she is probably mad at you; she probably would not want to see you again, and remember that her sister just died, and she is still mourning. So, I’ll suggest that you take her out of your mind for now, you have probably lost her and lost the marriage; all of which can be remedied with time. But I need to find a way to get you out of here and point the evidence the police now have, to someplace else apart from you”

“Odion, what do you want me to do?” his forehead is a wrinkled furrow as he asks.

“Dayo, just tell me the truth, I believe you didn’t kill Bola, and if that is the case, it means we have to find the person who did, so just tell me what I need to know”

“Wow” Dayo sighs and scrubs a hand over his face as he moves back to sit on one of the chairs

“I started dating… No, having sex secretly with Bola 3 months ago…” he pauses to see Odion’s reaction. There is none, he simply nods and urges him to go on.

“I was having some issues with Bisi, issues that had a lot to do with our sex lives, and my ego was getting badly bruised overtime. I complained a few times, and then she suggested we stop having sex totally for purity sake or something like that. Then Bola and I got close, we got talking about things, and one thing led to the other, we started having sex. The last one was supposed to be on my wedding day, I never knew she planned that to happen in the car”

“Is that all?” Odion asks calmly

“That’s all, there is no reason now to hide anything else from you; I just need you to get me out of this mess I have found myself”

“You said you were having sex with her secretly right?”

“Yes, we kept it secret all through” Dayo answers with all seriousness

“Somebody must have known about it, someone must have known something about you two together. I want you to think, have you mentioned to anyone, anyone at all?”

Dayo pauses for a while, he remembers he mentioned to Tega few days to his wedding about a woman he was having sex but he can’t remember mentioning Bola’s name.

“No, no, it can’t be” he thinks to himself

“You say what?” Odion bends towards him as he catches Dayo thinking aloud

“No, nothing, just something I remembered, and it doesn’t add up”

“No, don’t call it nothing, tell me, and let me decide if it adds up or not” Odion chides him

“Ok, I told Tega about it 4 days to my wedding, but I left him guessing, I didn’t tell him who the woman was, I was sure of that”

“Hmmmm. At least there is something we can throw up to make this investigation very interesting. We only need to prove that Tega knew you were having sex with your fiancée’s sister, then your fiancée’s sister wound up in your car booth dead on your wedding day. Tega is your best friend, he is very close to you, and we will simply throw that in and see where that takes us”

“Odion, are you saying Tega might be the one that killed Bola just to frame me?” Dayo asks with much seriousness

“I am not saying anything; I am just doing my job. If we can challenge the police on the evidence they claim to have against you; and we introduce doubt and complexity into an already complicated equation, we can get the court to grant you bail and adjourn”

“Ok, do whatever you can, but I can swear on my life that Tega cannot have anything to do with Bola’s death”

“Alright, we shall find out” Odion says with a tone of finality


Odion picks his phone, he has a plan and he must set it in motion, he is very sure Dayo did not kill Bola, but he is confused about the whole case. Who really murdered Bola? Could it be that Bisi found out and killed her sister? “Naaaah! No normal human being will do that and still smile through her wedding, same day like nothing happened” he answers himself in his thoughts. Could it be Tega? What would be his motive? What does he stand to gain if Bola is dead and if Dayo is in jail for it? Then it hits him… “I don’t have to prove anything immediately; I simply need to dig out motives why Bisi or Tega would kill Bola” he picks his phone and punches in a number…

“Hello detective Smith, I was around the station this morning, but you were not around”

Smith: “Yeah, I went out briefly, they told me you came to see your client”

Odion: “That’s true. I have been meaning to ask you, how did you obtain the sex-tape that you are going to be tendering as evidence against my client in court?”

Smith: “Well, we got lucky; someone mailed it to us anonymously. I guess someone who is interested in seeing that the deceased gets justice.”

Odion: “So, you are not sure where the video originated from or who made it?”

Smith: “We are sure of the people in the video, professionals and experts have confirmed it to be authentic, and the defendant’s motive is not far-fetched. So, in my opinion, this case will not take long to conclude.”

Odion: “What if I tell you someone else might be responsible and I can find some leading evidence to back that up?”

Smith: “Then I will ask you to bring it on”

Odion: “Ok, thank you so much. I appreciate.” He drops the call and makes another one.



Bisi is awake; her pale facial skin illuminated by a single light, her head thrown back, as she lies still and stares into space. She turns her face briefly towards the door as Tega walks in.

“Hey bae, how are you” he says with a sober effort but there is no response from Bisi, he moves closer.

“Bae, I’m so sorry, I am sorry for your loss. If I told you I know how you feel right now, I am lying; but just take heart and be strong for me, for us.”

“For us? Tega, are you mad? My sister died just a week ago; I was going to be charged as an accomplice in her murder up till two days ago when the detective told me they found a sex-tape of her and Dayo. And now, I’m being investigated  as the major suspect in my own sister’s murder because they believe if I knew about their affair beforehand, that could be a motive for me to kill Bola” tears well up her eyes as she sobs softly.

“I am sorry Bisi; I shouldn’t have said that, I was stupid. Besides, I didn’t know detective Smith has spoken to you about the video, he’s been interviewing me as well, and I can assure you no one knows about us. And I am also sure you couldn’t have killed your sister even if you knew she was sleeping with Dayo before your wedding. You are not the devil here, you are an angel and I love you.”

“Tega, will you please stop? Stop telling me you love me, this whole thing is complicated now. You and I, Dayo and Bola, now there is a sex-tape, how are we sure someone out there is not in possession of our own sex video?”

“I assure you no one would have anything on us, we were not careless you know… we were smart about it, and…” the door flies open cutting into Tega’s response, 2 stern-looking policemen walk in with detective Smith

“Mr. Tega Onoja, you are under arrest for complicity to murder Bola Ogunji…”

“What do you mean detective? I am no…” Tega makes to say with shock written all over his face

“I’ll advise you not to say anything until you have your lawyer present; in your own interest” detective Smith turns to the two police officers “cuff him and take him down to the car”.

Oh. My. G…! Bisi sighs as she faints – again on the bed.

Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.

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