Chilling Footage Shows Oscar Pistorious Re-Enacting How He shot Girlfriend

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Chilling leaked footage has emerged that shows South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius re-enacting the moment he shot and killed his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

The harrowing video, which shows Pistorius as he runs towards the the camera with one arm outstretched as if holding a gun, was broadcast on the Sunday Night documentary slot of Australia’s Channel Seven.

Pistorius, who was born without a fibula bone in either leg and had his lower legs amputated before he could walk, is seen moving quite quickly and with a high level of agility for a man without the bottom half of his legs,

Pistorius can be seen running towards and away from the camera and circling back around the living room of his home. As he re-enacts the scene he explains to investigators: ‘I heard the noise and fired four shots.’

It is unclear why the footage was prepared and why it was not shown during his trial.

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