Chelsea FC: Is Costa the answer?

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Since Didier Drogba left Chelsea in 2012, Chelsea have brought in a couple of attacking players, they’ve played good football but they have struggled to score goals. This has effectively killed of any chance Chelsea have had of winning trophies. Demba Ba, Torres and Eto’o have all come into the side but all to limited effect. Celsea have failed to capture the league in the last two attempts and they have had to rely on their midfielders especially Hazard to provide the much needed goals. Despite having a terrible league campaign last term, Rooney and Robin Van Persie still managed to reach double figures in the league for Manchester United last season. But between Eto’o, Ba and Torress, they scored 19 goals with their highest goal scorer Eto’o banging in just nine. Liverpool Strikers Sturridge and Suarez scored 52 goals in the league and Liverpool only managed to finish second.

eto'o and ba

If Chelsea are to capture the league title, they need a striker that can bang in the goals on a regular basis. They need a striker who can hold up play and is strong enough to power his way through defenders. They need a new Drogba.


Diego Costa though a wonderful buy doesn’t seem to have the strength to impose himself on games. A natural in the box striker, Costa has aerial ability but his lack of strength means he would be bullied a lot by defenders. Costa also has temper issues and referees ion England condone harder tackles than those in Spain and so more decisions would not go his way, causing him to flare up and throw him off his game. Costa would adjust well to the pacey counter attacking football of Chelsea but it is the intensity of the league that might be too much for him.


The big question for Chelsea is this: Is Costa the answer?

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