Charly Boy Flaunts His Two Virgins [PHOTOS]

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Charly Boy has been accompanied recently anywhere he goes by two unidentified young ladies.

He calls them his ‘virgins’, and though we aren’t sure why they follow him, they sure are good to look at.

Check them out below.

1528169_charly10474936_1436314429987317_1940583018_n_jpegfca9d8806c14813c9afc0d805e284404 36NG-Charly-Boy-and-His-2-Virgins-Photos-03 36NG-Charly-Boy-and-His-2-Virgins-Photos-02 36NG-Charly-Boy-and-His-2-Virgins-Photos-01 36NG-Charly-Boy-and-His-2-Virgins-Photos-04



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