Cause of Nicki Minaj’s Near Death Experience Revealed

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Nicki Minaj talked about a near death experience in her thank you speech at the BET Awards on Sunday. So what happened that made Nicki Minaj almost ‘die’?

Well, according to Media Takeout, they got information from their ‘official Young Money spy’ that it was due to ‘weed overdose’. According to the gossip site, Nicki was in the studio with Lil’ Wayne and crew who were smoking tons of weed and possibly other substances. Though Nicki does not smoke weed and was not smoking, the place was filled with smoke and she eventually left because it was starting to make her high.

When she arrived home, Nicki began having palpitations and difficulty breathing. She thought she was dying but did not call emergency for help because she was scared of ending up on TMZ. Eventually, the feeling passed.



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