British Tourist Filmed Having Sex in Public [Photos]

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Weeks after a British girl was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men in a night club in Magaluf, a major holiday resort on Majorca, Spain, another British couple have been filmed being really naughty.
A shocking new video filmed on a street in Magaluf has emerged showing ‘British tourists’ having sex in broad daylight between two parked cars. They were captured on film for two minutes by someone recording them through a window. 
The shocking footage, which was shared on Youtube (its since been removed), shows the couple, suspected to be in their 30s, unfazed as cars passed them. And when they finished, the man kneels on the ground as the woman slowly gets to her feet and re-arranges her mini-skirt before he passes her a tissue. See the photos below: public sexpublic sex2




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