#BringBackOurGala! New Price Of Gala That Caused Nationwide Panic Confirmed Not to be true

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The news that UAC Foods has increased the price of popular hunger relief snack ‘Gala’ from N50 to N70 has been met with wide-spread dismay and panic, according to reports reaching FNN. This however has been confirmed as untrue.

360nobs got in touch with UAC Management this evening. They made us to understand that they had just released a new variant of Gala known as Gala Chicken which comes in a green wrapper and that the Gala Chicken was the one that was priced as N70.00.

The price of the original Gala Beef remains as N50.00

Since the rumours of the new price spread this week, the national economic index has been thrown into a state of disbelief, with many people even going as far as laying the blame at the feet of already embattled president, Goodluck Jonathan.

These Rumours even suggested that several CLO’s including the National Association of Gala sellers, BringBackOurGala50, NLC and their allies may embark on a national strike anytime in the coming weeks in several states across the county, which may mirror the fuel subsidy removal incident.

Speaking at a press conference, the NLC president, Omar, who spoke on behalf of the concerned parties said, ‘ the Federal government must intervene in this matter, we can not allow the cabals to dictate our stomachs too, Gala cannot turn to a luxury good over night, it is for the masses and not the elite’.

Meanwhile there was also unconfirmed reports that Minister of Information, Labaran Maku was in a closed door meeting with the Gala stakeholders, including the UAC management and Gala sellers to find out the root cause of the incident.

So don’t worry good people #OurGalaNeverWentAnywhere

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