Breaking News: Wizkid’s Real Caro Surfaces, Attacks His Girlfriend, Tania Omotayo on Twitter!

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Wow! This is another shocker!! The entertainment world woke up to find out what may seem to be the mother of all controversy in recent times. A Nigerian/American upcoming model Carolyn Ikpea, has attacked Wizkid’s girlfriend “Tania Omotayo” on Twitter. The model went as far as telling Tania that she owns Wizkid’s heart while she(Caro) owns him in bed. Rumours have it that, Caroyln who is based in Houston, was the chick who Linked Chris Brown’s Manager with the star boy Wizkid, who now hangs around Wizkid and other American super-stars.  

Source Revealed that whenever Wizkid is in the U.S.A, he must spend at least 2 nights at Carolyn’s place, even though Carolyn knew Wizkid has a girlfriend back home in Lagos.

The upcoming model threw all to the wind when she decided to tweet those words, and was gonna tweet further until someone maybe Wizkid, reached out to her, and then the model went cold on the tweets even apologising. So finally, the “Caro” has surfaced!!!


Here are the pics of Carolyn and the tweets below:

carol tins20140624_171551(1)360nobs

carol tinsphoto360nobs

carol tinscarolyne360nobs carol tinscarolyne2360nobs carol tinsScreen_20140722_12051360nobs carol tinsScreen_20140722_12103360nobs carol tinsScreen_20140722_120517360nobs carol tinsScreen_20140722_120525360nobs carol tinsScreen_20140722_120532360nobs

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  1. When Wizzy was looking for Caro, he told all of us ooo.. Now that he found Caro.. He no remember us.. Na only am waka go… Wizzy.. continu oo.. Dairis God ooo! *tears bread and dips inside cold milo*

  2. Ain true.. she jux blasted, check the whole profile b4 making yuh post titles this way… dont misleed peeps, wudda told yu privately buh yu put nothing, even yuh twitter spot goes to twitter HM

  3. Is time for tania to get everything u want from wizkid coz he’s not gonna marry u be wise ohhh before is to late I’ll probably dumb u

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