Brazilians rain Abuses on President after German Humiliation

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Brazil encountered an historic first half meltdown that saw the German’s enter the half time break with a five goal advantage and fans began to turn their outrage and despair towards President Dilma Rousseff.

Tears flooded the eyes of many Brazilians watching their team mercifully beaten down by Joachim Loew’s well oiled machine and it wasn’t long before the sadness turned to anger.


Reminiscent of the opening ceremony, fans in Belo Horizonte began to chant: “Hey, Dilma, go get ****ed in the ***!” at around the 40 minute mark of the contest and they continued for a solid couple of minutes.

The 7-1 loss to the rampant away side gave Brazil it’s worst ever defeat in World Cup History, it even ousted the shameful 6-0 defeat to Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup as their largest ever defeat in the competition.

The distraught emotions felt by many watching the game were soon focused on the nation’s president, Dilma will face elections after the FIFA world cup ends and a salty taste has been left in the mouth’s of many with Brazil’s limping exit from the competition.


The controversy over the human and financial cost of the World Cup being staged in Rio is something that Dilma has had to face throughout the entire process. For the country to make the semi-final stage may have been enough of a cushion to leave the current president unaffected in the upcoming election process.

Some political analysts had suggested an early exit from Football’s biggest tournament could leave Brazilians in a sour enough mood to protest and potentially set an early exit from office for Dilma.

Brazil’s exit may be the signal for a possible early exit for President Rousseff.




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