#Brazil2014: World Cup Sets Facebook Record

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Days after setting a record on Twitter, the 2014 has set another record on another social network, this time Facebook.

Between the first game on June 12 and the second set of games in the last 16 knockout stage on June 29, the competition generated one billion interactions from 220 million people on the social networking site.

The milestone was reached after traffic accelerated as the tournament moved to the knockout stages. On Saturday, more than 31 million people published 75 million posts, likes and comments about Brazil’s win against Chile, a victory that saw the host nation progress from the last 16 stage to the quarter-finals.

The first week of the tournament alone generated 459 million interactions on Facebook. This is more than the NFL’s 2014 Super Bowl, the Sochi winter Olympic Games and the film industry’s Academy Awards combined.

With the July 13 final just under two weeks away, the tournament could go on to break further records and become the biggest social media event to date.

Nick Grudin, Facebook’s director of partnerships, told the Reuters news agency: ‘People are having conversations on Facebook about what they watch in a really unprecedented scale. In addition to sharing and connecting with friends, people are engaging in real time with the media and the public voices they care about most.’

Grudin added: ‘This Cup has been a catalysing cultural moment for people around the world and we see it reflected on Facebook.’



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