Beauty Salon: The Haven of Gossip

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Be it a tiny shop around the corner, a big one in the bubbling towns; beauty shops across the globe have the same characteristics. They serve the purpose of beautifying women. A beauty shop, hair salon or beauty salon provides general services related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy and some even provide services like meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths etc. Some have spa salons incorporated with their beauty shops.


Interestingly, the beauty shop does more than just turning plain janes into beautiful women, it also serves as so many other things. The beauty shop is a refinery, a newsroom, a psychiatric clinic, a counselling unit, a comedy arena and more, a gossip parlour. The beauty shop is a friendly place and there, you don’t have to worry about anyone looking down at you or laughing at you. Strangers meet at the beauty shop and instantly start talking as if they have known each other all their lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, where you are from, the beauty shop embraces everybody.


The hair salon helps to connect people together. Often times, people who don’t know each other become buddies at the salon. They talk to you openly and they often tend to give the best advice; that is why it is a counselling unit too. People give candid opinions about personal problems and possible solution to that problem. You don’t have to be worried about being laughed at because these women are also ready to share their life experiences with you. They talk about their past, present and possible future aspirations without inhibition.


Women in the salon give the best advice about how to do things right. You don’t need to ask, all you have to do is say something relating to the issue and you will have people giving you different types of ideas and solution that you never thought of in the first place. Relationship tips, advice on sex, work, how to deal with your terrible boss or colleague; you get it all at no cost at the salon. You don’t only get advices but you also hear ridiculously funny things that will make laugh till you wet your pant.


It is no surprise that the beauty salon has been the muse for many stories, movies, song etc and it will still keep on being so because at the beauty shop, there is an unexplainable bond amogst these women that make them talk endlessly about everything without fear. They talk how their husbands treat them, how the boyfriends don’t do it right, how they cheat and get away with it, how they “renew their blood” with younger boys, how their real husbands are nothing but people that provide financial security for them.


These women do not just stop at their own personal escapades but they also talk about other people around them. It is at the salon that most women’s dirty linens are being washed. You hear stories about the things the high and mighty celebrities are doing behind closed doors, what some pastor is doing with his church members, how a husband found his wife with the gardener and so on. At the beauty shop, you hear news that can’t be found on any gossip tabloids or blogs. They also talk about the problems of nigeria and the world at large. It is at the salon that most women do their politicking. The occasional fight is an icing on the cake.


It will surprise you that it is not only at the female beauty shops that all these happen. The male salon (barber shop) also have these same things in common with the female salon. The men get together to talk about things their wives or girlfriends should not know about, football, politics, different glorious escapades, gossip and funny things. That is why we have movies like the barber shop just as we have the beauty shop showing us exactly what goes on in these shops.


In short, the beauty shop is a place of many wonders and it is glaring why it is so. You only have to pay to get your nail done or hair fixed and you are guaranteed to go home loaded with more than you paid for. The beauty shop is indeed a place to get more than you bargained for.


Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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