Attack on Buhari meant to split Nigeria – Bakare

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The serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly and Convener of the Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunder Bakare, has said that the July 23 attack on Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) would have led to the disintegration of Nigeria had it succeeded.

Bakare, who was running mate to Buhari in the 2011 presidential election, observed that Northern youths who reverence Buhari would have resulted to mayhem and this would have led to repraisals across the nation.

The clergyman said this while addressing the nation on Sunday in a church service in Lagos.

He debunked insinuations in some quarters that Buhari was in an armoured car provided by the presidency, noting that “he (Buhari) was in a regular car”.

He added that the attack should have made it clear to all that Buhari was not a Boko Haram sympathizer.

He said, “This past week might have marked the beginning of the end if the attack on Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and his entourage on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 had succeeded. The architects of the Nigerian disintegration agenda would have been smiling home to the bank.

“All those Northern youths who see him (Buhari) as a messaic symbol would have responded in unguided and uncontrolable fury of a vengeful army and there would be corresponding violence from the youthful population across the Niger.

“One need not to be a political analyst to see that such action would have culminated in the demise of our nation.”

Bakare noted that the military at present was unable to adequately combat terrorism, noting that soldiers confront members of the Boko Haram with “inferior weapons.”

He criticised President Goodluck Jonathan for seeking to loan $1bn to fight terrorism, saying “the last time the military was equipped was in the 1980s and there have been budgetary allocations every year.

“The Senate say they want to reconvene to consider the request and nobody is asking what happened to the amount budgeted for security this year.”

He added that other factors contributing to the manace were failure of intelligence, palpable government incompetence, sinful silence of stakeholders, and international conspiracy.

The cleric noted that the reign of terror should not be ascribed to religion but “sheer psychosis.”

He warned that traditional Islam and radical Islam must not be grouped together, saying that radical Islam, alongside zoning deprivation, oppression and injustice was the cause of terrorism.



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  1. Every single life in Nigeria may not be important in the eyes of the mighty class but to God it is important and strong enough to disintigrate the country but for God’s mercy. So no one is more superior to the other. There is God o, He alone confounds the devices of the crafty and cause the enterprise of the wicked to fail. Surely there is and end…

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