Arsenal: The Invincibles Vs. The Expensives

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In 2003/2004 season, Arsenal went undefeated in the league, winning the league and reaching the semifinals in both the league and FA cup competitions and reaching the Champions league quarterfinals. It was all downhill from there. Until last season  when Arsene Wenger broke the bank to bring in Mesut Ozil for 40 million euros and the Gunners lifted the FA cup. This season, Arsenal have spent a staggering 70 million euros on four players: Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers and Ospina. For the first time in nine years, there is a sense of optimism around the Emirates and people who are not even Arsenal fans believe Arsenal can win the league. So we decided to match up the last Arsenal side to win the title with the Arsenal side contending for the title this season

The Goalkeepers

The Invincibles had Jens Lehman; strong, commanding of his area, good rushing out but had big problems with concentration. Lehman cost Arsenal a lot of goals and the German was 38 at the time and not at his very best. Ospina is a world cup super star and Szczesny is among the best goalkeepers in the league both goalkeepers are capable of making vital stops and and holding their own against the best forwards. Yes, Szczesny tends to lose concentration sometimes but not as much as Lehman and the Expensives have two good goalies while the invincibles had one. No one, and I mean no one ever heard of Graham Stack. That is the name of the second choice goalie for the Invincibles.


Suffice to say, the Expensives take this one

The Defenders

More than anything, the invincibles were unbeatable because they did not concede goals. Ashley Cole was in his prime and was probably the best left back in the world with pace, tackling ability and a diehard attitude and Clichy was and able assistant. Lauren held his own at right back and Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure and the occasional Keown were simply too much for Van Nistelrooy and Kezman and Fowler and Barros. Koscielny and Mertesacker are simply not in the same class as Campbell and Toure, comparing Gibbs to 2004’s Ashley Cole would be an insult to the Roma man and Cambers and Jenkilson simply cannot match Lauren but Debuchy might come close.


The Invincibles take this one by a mile.

The Midfielders

Gilberto Silva and Patrick Viera would go down as two of the best holding midfielders to ever play in the Premier league and the Invincibles had the luxury of having two of them on the same pitch at the same time most of the time. Both men were a tough as they come and Viera’s movement and passing was simply brilliant. It’s no wonder Arsenal always controlled the midfield when they played regardless of the opposition and a head of Viera and Silva were Ljungberg, Reyes and Pires. Three of the most skill ful and technical players you would ever see. Reyes would have more defenders on their backs than any Arsenal player would today and he possessed sublime skill and Pires and Ljungberg were two of the most technical attacking midfielders you would ever see and the three of them could pass the ball. The Expensives have Ozil, Carzola Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosiscky but with the exeption of Ozil, none of these players can command a first team shirt against the Midfield assembly of the Invincibles


The Invincibles also take the midfield.

The Attack

Alexis Sanchez may dribble and wiggle his way and shine at the world cup, Giroud may be French but neither of them is Henry. The best striker ever to wear an Arsenal shirt, and the footballer with the best goals to games ratio in the premier league ever.


The Invincibles had the best Arsenal striker of all time in their squad, simple.

The Bench

Fabregas, Kanu and Ray Palour joined Kewn Clichy and Edu to make up a bench of shear quality for the Invincibles and the Expensives will be sitting Bentdner, Jenkilson, Rosiscky and Cemaberlain on the bench.

The Invincibles had the better bench


On paper, the Invincibles are clearly the better side. But we didn’t consider the quality of their opposition and the fact that Arsene Wenger is older and more experienced than he was nine years ago. But for the sake of these analysis. The Invincibles take the day.

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