Arsenal Footballer, Jack Wishire Spotted Doing Some Lip Action With a Man in a Swimming Pool

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It’s not news that Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has been suspected to be gay but so far he has not come out to say he is. So the rumors stand as rumors. He has a girlfriend and they both have a son.

But this doesn’t stop the twenty-two year old from behaving badly. He is always in the news for one controversy or another.

Last October he was caught a few days ahead of a match, smoking, and he insisted that he was not a smoker. But Wenger gave him a public scolding telling him: ‘I disagree completely with that behaviour. When you are a football player you are a role model and you don’t do what damages your health. You can damage your health at home, you can drink at home, you can smoke at home and nobody sees it. But when you go out socially, you can damage your reputation as an example.’

Now again, he is in the news, following a disappointing World Cup with England. Images of him have gone viral where he is seen drinking champagne and smoking at a pool party in Las Vegas.

Manchester City’s Joe Hart is also with him. The goalkeeper looks like he is either talking Jack down or going for a kiss. Then the most controversial picture is of some guy giving Jack some lip action as he passes alcohol into his mouth from his own mouth. Now why would a guy do that to another guy?

The reaction to the photos is mixed. Some Arsenal fans feel Jack should be preparing himself better for the upcoming football season; others feel he has every right to have a good time. Fans from rival teams think he is a terrible role model.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Jack is on holiday and he is in Vegas. If he can party hard and come back in fit form, what’s the big ish? 

Anyway, here are the photos making the waves this morning. Obviously, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas.


jack wilshere6 360nobs


jack wilshere 8 360nobs

jack wilshere 11 360nobs


jack wilshere5 360nobs

jack wilshere7 360nobs

jack wilshere9 360nobs

jack wilshere10 360nobs



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