Are Your Arguments With Your Partner Becoming Unhealthy?

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No matter how hard we try to stop ourselves from arguing, sometimes, it still happens. We tend to disagree and it is only when we argue that we understand each other. But sometimes, arguments can be very poisonous to our relationships.

Here is how;

  1. We constantly feel the need to win- When we argue with our partners, it should be about resolving whatever it was that came up and led to an argument in the first place. But when all we want to do is to win every argument, then the argument is becoming unhealthy and can harm our relationship.
  2. We don’t let the other party talk- Instead of leaving room for the other person to speak their minds or air their opinions, we keep doing all the talking. This way, the other party does not get to purge his own emotions. And when you don’t purge your emotions, you would get constipated. And a constipated relationship is an unhealthy one.
  3. We don’t listen- This goes hand in hand with number two. While we are all about talking, then we do not let the other person speak. Anything he says we do not listen to and he does not get a listening ear from us. When this constantly happens, the other party gets frustrated and will eventually get tired of being ignored. An outburst would happen at some point and things are not going to be pretty.
  4. We allow our emotions to cloud our common sense- When anger is allowed to get into the argument, then we are likely to talk without caring whether the situation is resolved or not. And that would blow things out of proportion and make the situation worse.
  5. We argue about the same thing every time- Arguing about the same thing all the time means some things need to change and some things need readjustments. It could also mean you are picking the wrong way to settle these things. Whatever the case is, arguing about the same thing over and over again is detrimental to every relationship and would cause cracks eventually.
  6. We raise our voices- Instead of talking calmly and trying to resolve the case without much drama, we resort to raising our voices. Raising voices never solves anything, it only makes it worse and causes the wrong things to be said.

Unhealthy arguments cause cracks in relationships and the longer we have them, the more damage would be caused to our relationships. So to keep a healthy relationship, stay off arguments that will cause damages.




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