Are You Hurting Your Man Without Even Knowing It?

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As complex as men claim women are, it is easier to know when a woman’s feelings are hurt than when a man’s feelings are hurt. In other words, women show their emotions, men rarely do. And because men don’t show their emotions, when they are hurt, you are not likely to figure it out.

But this article would help you deduce when your man is hurt or when what you are doing gets to you.

-Talking about him right in front of him: Discussing your man’s flaws and mistakes in front of your girlfriends or your mutual friends while he is there, standing in the same room with you is simply unfair. This would not be nice if the tables were turned and you are the one who is being discussed, so you would understand if he feels very hurt about this and does not find the situation funny.

-Pointing out how fat he has become: Men are not as particular about how they look unlike women who take time to look good and put a lot of effort in it. Except your man is metrosexual, he is not likely to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, gently scrubbing away the dirts, spend time in front of the mirror brushing his hair and dedicating so much time to facials. But when you point out constantly how out of shape he has become in recent times, he is not likely going to love it. If his mood changes, at least you know your comment might be responsible for this. And if you are lucky his mood does not change, at least you get to offer an apology and rectify your mistake, while making sure it never happens again.

-Not responding to him: when he says “I love you”, you barely respond or when he is all mushy, you ignore him and push him aside. Men don’t get into this mood as often as women do and so when he gets into the mood and you barely acknowledge it, he is likely going to be unhappy. Men are like kids, you have to indulge them. So when he is in the mood to be mushy and all that, indulge him all the way. You would see him smiling like a kid who has just been handed his favorite piece of candy.

-Making him feel bad in front of other people: He is not a child and so you should never scold him in front of friends or family or whoever. Even children hate being scolded in public, so why do it to a full grown man? This is going to hurt his feelings very much and if you are all about making that man happy, then quit this behavior.

-He is never your go to person: Men love to be there for their women. A man loves to know that if things go awry, or if you are in a fix, he would be the first person you would put a call across to. If you keep calling anybody but him and never make him feel useful, he is going to feel hurt. No man wants to be abandoned or made to feel useless especially where his woman is concerned.

-Making him feel silly for what he is wearing: Let’s face it, not everyone can be lucky to have a man with a sense of style like Uti Nwachukwu, or a man that can look very edible and mouth watering in suit like Joseph Benjamin. Sometimes, some of us end up with the ones who cannot dress to save their lives. Instead of making him feel stupid for throwing everything in his wardrobe on, then suggest something nice for him to wear. Go to his wardrobe and retrieve the nicest shirt and jacket and suggest it to him nicely. That way, he would gladly make you his personal stylist and would not feel horrible.

-Telling him he is broke: like I mentioned earlier, men want to be capable enough to take care of their women. If you put it to him that he is broke and he cannot take care of you, then you have emasculated him and hurt his feelings in the worst way possible. And I am not saying putting out the words alone now, I am talking about you dropping hints that he cannot take care of you financially. If you cannot cope with a broke guy, then don’t roll with one. Instead of making the guy feel horrible about his finances, then leave him be and let him find a woman who wouldn’t mind.


Men are as human as women and they have feelings just like women do. Have this in mind when relating with your man and you will realize he would hurt less. And what is more, he would love you more than you can ever imagine.



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