Archetypes And TeleGuardians – By Labzy Lawal

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Day after day I bask in the beauty of this era
A period when the purity of man’s soul hasn’t been clearer
A victim of wars and cruelty this soul has been
In a world where racism and supremacy reigned supreme
I bask In the beauty of this era.

In a time of heroes and villains,light and dark
ArchetypeS and teleguardians carry the spark
Of light and brilliance they unendingly are
Their love and magic is what takes them far.

Fire burns them no longer, for they Are driven by the spirit
Supernovas In their own rights, and bound by no limits
Beautiful people unified by love and magic
With a kind of light beyond what evil can imagine.

The enemy yearns for annihilation and a permanent fall
They steal, they slaughter,they give their all
They play on our trust, with our zeal and on our pain
They use their lies to elude our brains.

Arise my gerones, my archetypes and teleguardians
Arise that there might be no more strife
Arise my human soldier of light
Fight by my side,and fight for your lives
Look closely my heroes,look closely.

By Yemi Lawal. [ @LabzyLawal ]



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  1. this is more than a thot…thus a reality concern which should be looked at but no one wants to be his/her own hero. instead to fight for freedom we indulge in the way of the oppressors..nice 1 labzy.

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