Another BRT Bus Kills Two Civilians and a Policeman at Awoyaya, Lagos

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Commuters on the Lekki-Epe expressway were held up in traffic for three hours today after area boys blocked incoming vehicles to Lagos following an accident that killed three people.

According to an eye-witness, a policeman chasing an okada rider and his passenger were all killed when the three carelessly got into the road and got hit by an on-coming BRT bus. Area boys at the Awoyaya vicinity, just before Mayfair Gardens, immediately took to the highway and blocked access to road users coming into Lagos. They chased away the policemen on patrol and burnt down their van.

“The police were shooting at the area boys at first,” another witness said, “then the boys descended on them and disrupted the peace of everyone, including innocent road users.”

After holding up traffic for almost three hours, the police sent reinforcement with over six vans and more than 20 policemen but the situation was yet to be curtailed. It would take an army truck and armed soldiers to clear the road block and chase away the area boys.

The route is free now, having just been cleared only an hour and thirty minutes ago.

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