Announcing The Winners of The Second Phase of the Tame Da Beat Competition

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These are the second set of finalists to come up tops after the second phase of the Tame Da Beat competition.

Just like the first, it was fierce but we have our winners and one of them will go ahead to join five other finalists at the end of three months.

Introducing @ladyswift9ja and @strizzyy


Now, here’s what you do. Listen to their beats below and tell us whom you think stands the chance of winning brand new Beats by Dr Dre headphones and making it to the top six. [audio]

  Swift Bars (1.7 MiB, 9,864 hits)


  Turn Up (2.4 MiB, 7,060 hits)






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  1. they re both good but d babe is funny d whole way she moves from flow to flow I like swift swift swift all the way

  2. they re both very good better than the last guys , well i ll vote for swift lets see what she can do in the final

  3. Swift is a good rapper. I like her lyrical prowess. She is skillfully endowed with sensational voice. Her unique voice distinguishes her among other Nigerian female rappers. YOU GOT MY 100% VOTE LADY SWIFT.


  5. I listen to nigerian music everyday even international believe me wen i say this Strizz guy is the next thing BELIEVE its not jst about the voice or being funny anybody can do dat its about the message and taming the beat sit down and listen to him over and over u will see and hear HE DESERVES THIS EVEN YOU 360nobs guys know My vote is for Strizz #TAMEDABEAT

  6. Are u crazy see how the guy entered the beat im still getting chills LIKE WTF!!!!!! Y are we thinking he is not normal abeg end this thing so he can win He reminded me Of Nas and a little of Jay Z and i respect him for that im a rapper too and i feel good knowing there are other people in Nigeria that can still rap like this cos NIGERIAN RAP GAME IS SHITTT #TAMEDABEAT

  7. Hmmmm She tried but its a competition its not about that The guy on the other hand hmmmm i wuld like to sign him to my label and i see a bright future for him all he needs is a good producer that can top his level and bigger acts to work with #TAMEDABEAT

  8. swift has mad lyrics and the whole world is feeling her see d no of downloads, a friend called me up to down load and listen ent heard a girl flow like this men she impress me, its like d beat was made for her swift am waiting for ur next job good one

  9. swift has ability nice a freestyle to b head to head with a guy and not b branded whack in a contest she is all fire am impressed nice beat by the way 360

  10. swift ohhh i beg make the girl win make i hear word for my house everyb one is just down loading and hailing he the girl is good doe

  11. they re both ok, but they both need to brush up i remember the days of up coming mode 9 now those guys were lyrical well out of the two swift has better lyrics you can take at least 5 things home so work harder girl swift

  12. First of.
    Dope beat 360nobs.
    Una try.
    After much back and forth on both rappers.
    I raise my hat for SWIFT.
    Like say dem make d beat for her.
    Her courage to even compete is jst clearly shown.
    SWIFT has d rap skills.

  13. swift i pick swift cos she is making girls happy ,its been a while a very good female mc showed up she killed this beat she raped from d being of the beat doing more work than the guy and she is sell able nice one

  14. I don’t get how you people would be considering number of downloads. That only makes it a popularity contest, Strizz did better than Swift to be honest. People judge female mcs with a much lower standard. #TAMEABEAT

  15. both re very good but swift takes it in fact am tired of listening to both that means next week ll b hotter mcs re vexing

  16. ok now even i am confused, well swift takes it i ve listed more than 8 times she sustains my attention swift buth they re both bad ass sha

  17. 360 nobs nice one very two hot rapers one must go home like sudden death hummm i go with swift luv the name her flow and energy hope u ll not dull meat d final sha

  18. according to terry the rap man backed by popular demand you can ask you pop he ll tell you am the man swift wins by land slide victory the chick is fantastic

  19. is this thing not over yet pls drop the next beat already its clear even to the blind that swift has won abi una wan bring mi and olamide as external judges the girl has all it takes jor next pls lets hope another babe comes out blazing too

  20. Strizz listen to me if your reading this u dont know who i am im actually a friend of the girl your opposing she told me to vote for her i did then i decided to listen to yours jst so i know who did better mehn i was impressed like mind blown that was a master piece mehn despite watever i heard your verse yesterday but i couldnt get how u were rapping out of my mind even tho she ends up winning keep doing what u do your awesome. Peace

  21. swift is cool d dude is cool too , but am totally voting for her i can mix this rap in all the latest jams and if this was a face to face free style the crowd will totally vote her lyrics re fab mad energy to move the crowd we re all feeling you jor

  22. on my way to work yep it sulks am working public holidays, then i downloaded this girls stuff from twitter nice one 360 have listened to both but d babe swift is so good voting a thousand times for her if possible thumbs up girl

  23. ok now swift gets my vote she is vocally on point her swag, confidence, and the fact that the girl started and ended with the beat yo me she totally killed the beat , like she said twale to the beat producer i luv this beat doe

  24. been in the game for a while this swift gat skills she owed the mic killed the beat from the start am impressed i give it to her

  25. Strizz Strizz Strizz. You know I don’t even know where to begin, I just believe that Strizz deserves to win this. He’s got mad skills

  26. Wow my nephew Strizz is amazing i didnt rili understand all he was saying but he sounded rili cool and amazing i vote for him

  27. shawty be my chocolate girl…….. from chocolate girl to greater things. its you all the way strizz, rock onnnn!!!!!!!!

  28. Strizz nice one remember when i told u to get a life and dat u cant rap i take that back nice one My vote for Strizz

  29. I love the guy joor lol I CAME IN THE GAME WITH THE FLAME CAME IN THE GAME WITH THE FLAME BUT WE ALL NOT THE SAME clearly the dude is insane mehn i vote for him

  30. Yo manigga Strizzzzzzzzzy nailed it like .. Strizzzzzzz all d way .. keep it up buoy !!! Strizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy !!!!

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