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Dear Future wife,

Before i proceed i want you to know that as i write this letter, i’m listening to Bruno Mars’ Marry You, so yeah this is not the very usual me…

It is quite shocking to know that this very short, handsome, bald, humble dude is your future husband. Not like i know who you are now too but i think i know what you look like already.

My name is Femi, a loving friend and a very happy guy, busy with a little bit of “this and thats” now and yeah i don’t take life the way almost everybody take life. I’m a weirdo, i’m a freak (Yeah that too :D). I joke about the craziest things and i get pissed at the slightest things. I’m Pathetically a shy person which i’m not sorry about (Well… I don’t trust anybody that’s why i’m always reserved and people call that Shy, so i’m SHY).

I’m a family and a people’s person, i research about most irrelevant things so i know plenty irrelevant facts and people. You can’t separate me from my people, my phone, my note pad or my vodka shots (yeah i’m social too).

The way to my heart is food, not the normal rice and chicken (although i’ll pat you on the back and say thanks if i meet that on the table) but to receive a romantic kiss with Usher’s good kisser playing in the background Bread and Beans will do the magic cos i’m Femi like that. I don’t eat noodles, boiled egg and anything i don’t feel like eating at a particular time.

My favourite colour will be chosen by you, favourite car brand (all thanks to my dad) is Toyota, favourite song Marry you by Bruno Mars (I might even propose to you with that… I mean the song has this very strong message), favourite musician now is Wizkid and i hope he has our time on our wedding day to perform On top your matter for YOU and my favourite person now is YOU (and i’m not even flattering you, though i’m not sure i know you yet)

Kids? 2 will do for me but if you want more, i’m up to the task 😀

I’ll make my people meet your people and make them our people. Your mum will be my mum and i’ll share my dad with you. My siblings yeah you can steal them too…

I think i wanna marry you… LOL… Just kidding. I really wanna Marry you, share your joy and your pain, be the imperfect Mr. Right in your life and make you the next Mrs. Akeusola….
Will you marry me? Shhhhh… This is just a letter, chill for the proposal :*

Yours sincerely,
Your Future Husband 🙂



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