5 Reasons We Love ‘The Outgoing’ Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria-Anna Ebiere Banner

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Asides from her flawless skin, un-enhanced complexion, humility, superb courtesy level and warm heart. There are other reasons why we love former MBGN, Anna Banner. Check on it!!

1)Ultimate Selfie Queen:It is one thing to be beautiful, it is another thing to be photogenic, and thanks to the 21st century it is yet  another thing to know how to take the perfect selfie. MBGN 2013-Miss Banner is most certainly a selfie expert. From selfies in bed without make-up, to car selfies, gothic selfies, and even party selfies. Anna always looks effortlessly  flawless in them all.


2)Carriage & Effortless sense of style: For a teenager, 19.  Miss Banner’s carriage is excellent and her sense of style is easy, classy, and very ‘relatable’. We say relatable because Anna re-rocks items in such fabulous ways  theaat if you do not have an eye for details you would easily miss out on it. She absolutely disobeys the law of wearing one fashion item once, thereby making her a hero more or less for the average teenage girl.


3)Super eagles fan: What is better than a  beautiful queen with an equally beautiful heart? A beautiful queen with a beautiful heart that loves football. 😀


4)’Fantabulous’ body: Fantabulous isn’t really a word is it? but Miss Banner makes us want to coin new words all day everyday just to describe her. I am particularly thrilled by the fact that Anna goes against the stereotype of stick skinny queens. Miss Banner is the right amount of fleshy, and that is just fine with us.


5)Flawlessly beautiful:We know we said we would not make reference to her facial beauty but, we just couldn’t help it. Can you see why?



MBGN 2014 certainly has big shoes to fill. Share your reasons why you love Anna Ebiere Banner.

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