#360View: A D’lyte-ful Chat With A Super Woman

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#360View is back and this week, I bring to you D’Lyte the Superwoman who has been in the music game as far back as 2002. She has had major collaborations with artists like Rugged Man, etc. The beautiful diva is on #360View to give us an insight into her life and career. Enjoy


Hey D’lyte. Thank you for honouring my invitation and appearing on #360View. It’s really great having you on here

I’m ‘D’lyted’ hanging out with you. [smiles]

[Laughs] So let’s get to know you better. What is the origin of the name D’lyte and what’s your birth name?

The name D’lyte came from the word “Atupa” and Atupa is a yoruba word which means Lantern , the old type of Lantern. Atupa is anything that generates light and light is happiness, energy and life. So D’lyte is the English version of Atupa.
My real name is Stella, which means “shining star” , “beauty” also has a link with D’lyte (life, star, energy happiness and light)
You can’t cover a star or light – they radiate anywhere they go .


How long have you been doing music? How was your first experience with putting out recorded music right from the recording to the promotion?

Been doing music from when I was little, I love music. I sang and headed a cultural group in pry and secondary school, but officially it’s been twelve years now. I came out with my very first single “KOLO” (Crazy for Love) produced by Teddi Danso (BIGTEDDI), and in 2003, shot a video for it. It gained massive airplay then I had a dancehall version produced by RYMZO.
In 2005 I did the remix with Rugged Man, it was crazy, the video registered my name in the music industry and that paved way for me to act in a movie and co present in NTA. Well I will say that I had a very beautiful beginning where producers take time to work on songs and bring out the best in you. It wasn’t that easy though because there weren’t enough funds but it was good because stations will play your work to encourage you and because its good. They didn’t demand anything from you, so you can still do good music and be recognized without even a mighty budget, Unlike now

When you are creating new music, what do you aim for? What is your ideology concerning music?

Well different things, atmosphere, happenings etc. determine or inspire the song I create and what I aim for. But in all I make sure my production is different from the usual and I also aim for international acceptance. Music to me is LIFE, I think about it sometimes; if there was no music what would have become of life and me. Music is beautiful, it’s a life saver and soul healer. Music is a friend, always understanding and helps you interpret your fears and emotions especially when you find no one to talk to. music a great companion


OK, let us take a little diversion from the music talk. Where did you grow up? Where you the social type or the quiet type? How did it help when you first stepped into music?

I was born in Lagos , lived in Lagos and still living in Lagos *smiles* “Eko o ni BaJe o” I love being around people. Yes I’m social but more of a home girl, What do you expect, I’m the last child from a family of seven so I had so many soldiers (family) watching me, I wasn’t quiet at all, I was very playful always wanted to work but everywhere was clean at home so I’ll sneak to my neighbour’s house and help them do some of their house chores. I grew up as a caring and happy girl and up till now thanks to my family.
My dad loves music, I think I got that from him. My dad can dance I also got that from him , I grew up listening to Ras Kimono , Onyeka Onwenu, Bob Marley, Osadebe , Whitney Houston and others. I sing along cause the stereo plate had their lyrics on it so my growing up really helped my music, in fact it made me do music because I started early.

Seeing artists like Maheeda, etc get a lot of attention due to their controversies were you ever tempted to something similar? Seeing as you are very beautiful already.

Thank you but no I was never tempted at all. My beauty didn’t just come like that it also came with “brain” ,I like to sell good quality music with great content. I don’t need to go nude and if I have to be sexy, my dear it’s an effortless thing for me. Yes sex sells so everybody says, but have you asked yourself what happens after people get tired of your brand ? I feel whatever I do I do it with passion plus brain and great quality contents. I prefer to be known or recognised for good music.


Has your beauty ever caused problems for you in the music industry or maybe generally?

Beauty is God’s gift and God’s gift is always a blessing that opens doors. it becomes a problem when you misuse it. Well, beautiful women go through tough challenges in the industry but it always turns out a blessing. I always stay positive.

So tell us about your latest single ‘Every Part Of Me’. What was the inspiration behind the song? Is there a story behind it?

*shy and laughing* Well yes, there’s a story behind it but I’ll tell you some other time. In general ‘Every Part of Me’ is about a lady in love with a guy who broke her every rule, broke every fence she built around her heart and she wonders where and how his super power came about. It’s an electrical and magical experience


What are the greatest achievements you have accomplished so far? Musically or not

Well the greatest and greatest of the greatest is yet to come even putting out song and its accepted is a very great achievement on its own , the most important thing is keep making sure you are breathing and keep working and smiling

Do you have any celebrity crush? 😀

Hahahaha laughing out loud lemme think. Well maybe and maybe not. Ohhh yes I have a celebrity crush and ohhhhh *crying now* and he got married.

Ok, which artists or industry people will you really like to work with?

I love 2baba the baba of all babas I love to work with its Don Jazzy again, Flavour Nabania is someone I must work with, Ice Prince, Modenine, Patoranking, Banky W, Omawunmi and Tiwa Savage I love this people.

So what can we expect from D’lyte in the nearest future?

It’s a process and with your support the best of the best is what you’ll get I promise good quality sound of music and many more


I bet a lot of our readers will like to connect with you. Can you give us your social media handles?

On Twitter it is @Dlytebaaby and Facebook it is Stella D’lyte. Thank you



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