360Nobs Style Presents: The Top 9 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Wear Suits Best.

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A wise man once said ‘A man sees a woman in lingerie and wants to take it off, a woman sees a man in a well tailored suit and wants to rip it off’

To every man on the first list, I would gladly do the above stated without hesitation.

1)Ebuka Obi-Uchendu: Lets put aside the fact that he looks like dark chocolate you just want to melt in your mouth, Ebuka rocks a suit better than every other male celebrity in Nigeria. The end


2)Adebayo Oke-Lawal: He is the founder of menswear label-Orange culture. He is also the youngest person on the list, as he turned 23 a few months ago. Bayo is hardly at events unlike most others on the list but when he is in attendance he certainly leaves his mark on the red carpet.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal

3)Noble Igwe: He might be the 3rd person on the list of those who know how to pull off a suit but he is certainly the most  ‘stylish’  Nigerian  man   I   know.

Noble Igwe


4)Mai Atafo: Designers in general have a habit of dressing like they are from a totally different planet, but Mr Atafo understands and values fashion. He knows how to make great suits and wear them. It is pretty safe to say a very married Mr Atafo has clothed every other man on this list.

MAI Atafo

5)IK Osakioduwa: One of my favorite hosts in the industry currently, Mr Osakioduwa brings it every time to the red carpet and to the stage. He takes a lot of risks as he has been spotted wearing colored and printed blazer but unlike some other media personalities e.g Uti Nwachukwu. He kills it each time.

IK  Osakioduwa

6)Lynxx: I can confidently say Mr Jollof music makes all the ladies want to visit a special place just by waking up in the morning, and we want this special place to be his place when we see him in a suit.


7)DJ Exclusive: Yummy YUMMY YUMMY. Superstar DJ, Mr Exclusive is one of the best things that have happened to a suit. Most times he plays it safe, by wearing black or  blue but he kills it each time.

DJ  Exclusive

8)Gideon Okeke: Pretty boy Gideon brings it all the time to the red carpet-except that one time at the 2014  AMVCA red carpet which was an absolute flop-


9)Joseph Benjamin: We started with some chocolate hotness and we are going to end with some chocolate yumminess,-if that is even a word- Mr Joseph Benjamin might not be a household name, but when you look that good and look that good in a suit , the 360nobs fashion team is definitely going to spot you.


We honestly searched and searched the shores of the Nigerian entertainment scene but could not find anyone worthy of number 10. Any suggestions?

P.S: Uti Nwachukwu, Jim Iyke and IK Ogbonna, please hire stylists as soon as possible before we die from your horrific fashion choices 😀

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  1. Well, dj exclusive ? I don’t why he’s here. We hardly see on the suit & tie thingy. Where’s Alex Ekuubo? D’banj? Iceprince? Errmm, Wizkid? He has stepped out more than once in cool suits, we can mention him here.

  2. Dick sucker.. whats the beef with Uti, errrrrr did you say top 9 celebrities, is Noble Igwe a celebrity, clearly you need traffic on t.his blog.

  3. My best on the list is Mr. Ohimai Atafo, he’s a genius. He doesn’t just wear suits well, he makes other men look dapper. Yay to Ebuka , Lynxx and Adebayo Oke-Lawal. Brain Okwara shoulda been on the list too

  4. To an untrained eye, these are the best Naija has to offer.
    Trust me, few, I mean, not up to 4 wear well tailored suits, & even when they do the fit is another issue.
    For example look at Mai atafo & Lynxx pants, & Gideon’s jacket.certainly not top notch.

  5. Ik ogbonna is a mega super shot he ain’t suppose to be left out that list, then utility follows; your list needs little reshuffling

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