10 Things Every Girl Should Do Before She Turns 25

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Women are essential to the growth of the world in every aspect. We are the core of the world’s existence because we have the power to birth life. That is why women are advised to learn and do things that empower them especially when they are still very young. These are some of the things every girl must do when she is still young and full of life or at least, before she turns 25:


1. FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF: the essence of love in our lives can never be emphasized enough. Love makes our lives beautiful. It is what brings colour and fun to our grey world. Without love, we will only exist without actually living. Love is what makes us live, hopeful that tomorrow will be better. But no one can give out what they do not have. Love has to start with you and not the experimental kind that comes and goes. You have to actually fall in love with yourself. When you love yourself, it becomes easy to nurture your body, mind and soul. You find it easy taking corrections without getting angry and changing yourself for the better without being told. Appreciate who you are and watch your confidence grow. If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.


2. DISCOVER WHAT YOU ARE GREAT AT: we all are good at doing more than one thing but there is something that sets us apart from everybody and that is our passion; the things we can do excellently with little or no effort. For some people, it may be writing, cooking, dancing, driving, swimming or even thinking constructively. So many people have turned their passions into their source of income; they are fulfilled financially and are always happy making money off what they enjoy doing the most. You can do the same too, it begins with discovering that thing you are naturally great at.


3. LEARN SOMETHING NEW, EVERYDAY: learning is one of the keys to being extraordinary at what you do. With the advancement of technology, it is so easy to get materials that can help you build a better “you”. All you need is an internet compatible mobile and you can download as much books, journals, articles etc. as you want. You can also enrol for classes that will help you become better with your chosen vocation. A girl has more time on her hands when she is still her late teens or early twenties, use that time for self grooming and improvement. Learning, like change, should be a constant factor in our lives. Do not just learn, apply them too.


4. MAKE PLANS: a wise person once said “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”. After the age of 25, so many things are expected of you. People expect you to get married, have a good job, have kids and build a home. Once you don’t make plans for what you want in 5 years or 10, you may end up living your life according to other people’s plans for you. Put it into writing before you turn 25, your goals and aspirations, so that you will always remember and work towards it. Although, spontaneity can also be a very good thing.


5. MAKE AN INVESTMENT: do not let anyone tell you that you are too young to do something as great as making an investment. It could be renting your apartment, buying a car, buying a laptop; something that will make you smile when you look at it. Buy an expensive jewelry, dress, handbag, sunglasses also. These things make you feel proud of yourself; something to boast about.


6. BE FINANCIALLY DISCIPLINED: it is good to invest but it is good to learn how to manage your finances. Spoil yourself as much as you can but learn how to save. Learn to put away little amount of money; daily, weekly, monthly, as often as you can for rainy days. Saving up makes you responsible and accountable.


7. FULFIL ONE OR MORE OF YOUR FANTASIES: you are young, you are allowed to live a little bit recklessly but not too reckless. Write down the list of those fairy tale dreams and work on them. It could be traveling to another country on vacation, partying all weekend long and getting stupidly drunk. Be adventurous, have something interesting to share with your kids.


8. HAVE APPROPRIATE WARDROBE: as you grow older, you should consider wearing age appropriate clothes. Ditch the baby wears and go for something really mature, that will bring out the lady in you. Invest in good quality makeup and underwear.


9. THROW A PARTY: what is life without a little bit of fun. Throw a party for yourself and invite your friends, even from secondary school. It doesn’t even have to be your birthday. A reunion is enough reason to have all your friends together under one roof. Parties are great ways of keeping up with old friends and making new ones.


10. LEARN HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A HOME: many girls are so concerned about being better career women, beautiful and presentable. But not so many actually learn how to be homemakers. Every woman will be taken to a house after her marriage but not all can the house into a home. Learn how to be a better mother to your kids, a better wife to your husband. If you can’t cook, learn. Also take your time to study other basic things that will make your home a warm one.


These are the top 10 things every young should really do before she turns 25. What are the things girls should do before they turn 25?


Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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