10 Dulling Movies of 2014 So Far… You Might Want To Avoid These

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We’ve entered the second half of 2014 and so far tons of good, bad and ugly movies have been released with some worse than other. This post takes a look at some dull and in some cases outright horrible movies you might want to avoid released between January and June.

Check out the movies below and let’s know which other movie you think should be added to the list.

Worthy Mention: Maleficent



When word came out that Disney was working on a Malficent movie many people just wanted to see Angelina Jolie star in another big budget movie and really didn’t care about how the movie will turn out. While Jolie does execute her role as Maleficent beautifully, this movie comes off like another Snow White and The Huntsman – a retelling which should have been shelved the moment it was suggested. Then again just like that horrid Snow White movie this one has also made a lot of money at the box office which means the guys at the studio won’t lost any sleep over tons of people saying it was a crappy movie. But really it was dull.

10) Blended



Adam Sandler has made it to the Razzies 3 years in a row now and with this new movie, Blended, he just might return for a 4th nomination. While Sandler isn’t the worst thing that happened to this movie (There are those annoying scenes with Terry Crews), the movie is very predictable from the beginning in addition to which its got one too many terrible scenes which were originally supposed to be funny. Hopefully Adam Sandler will be able to star in another good movie soon.

9) The Monuments Men



The last time a George Clooney movie dulled me this much was when i recently tried watching Batman & Robin again.  While the movie has some great actors like Bill Murray, John Goodman and Jean Dujardin, it failed to live up to expectation and never quite took off from the moment it begun. The actors in this movie are no doubt talented and i hope they get to put out decent movies real soon so people that find this one uninteresting and move ahead.

8) Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy


Not every bestselling book makes a hit movie and this is another reminder of that fact. The acting in this movie was lame which also accounts for the lack of attraction for someone watching the movie to actually get interested in it. In addition to which the whole fantasy/vampire thing comes off poor. No point spending much time on talking about why this was a very bad movie- you might be better off going to read the book from all indications.

7) Pompeii

Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones teams up with Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity in Matrix)Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Algrim / Kurse in Thor: The Dark World)and Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer in 24) for this movie which had moviegoers suckered with its massive promo work. The movie which appeared to be one massive action/adventure movie that would get people talking failed to deliver and ended up being flat no juice movie. Not the fault of the actors though as they did alright so there’s no point banning Kit Harington back to the world of the Seven Kingdoms just yet.

6) Transcendence



Johnny Depp starring as an A.I in Transcendence certainly attracted me to watch this movie however the plot holds nothing we haven’t heard or seen before, in addition to which the whole plot is kind of bloated with nothing at all to offer. In addition to its lack of content, its also a weak sci-fi movie which has nothing to offer. Basically its just another Johnny Depp miss – his 4th major miss in 4yrs for that matter (After Rum Diary, Dark Shadows and Lone Ranger) which makes fans of the actor wonder whats going on with the actor

5) RoboCop


This years unwarranted RoboCop remake which was released 21yrs after the last crappy RoboCop movie (RoboCop 3) has got Terrible acting, hollow and terrible script as its  main elements. The movie is a remake whose production could have been stalled for another 21yrs at which time they might also decide to postpone production. If you liked the original movie and would like to see how they improved on that one, you might want to skip this one as the original movie still remains the one to watch even with all the improvement in graphics and technology that could have helped make this one better.

4) I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein


It looked good initially, it was promising in a way however when this movie was finally released it became obvious. that it’s in no league with Underworld and Van Helsing which it’s been compared to by some. The plot is laughable in addition to which it’s scenes drag a lot and would make you yawn a couple of times as it continues to stretch on and on making you wonder if the movie was being played in a loop

3) A Haunted House 2



The first one was horrible and this second is no different. If you’ve seen those unending Scary Movie films and any other movie which is basically filled with spoofs or parodies, then you’ve at least got an idea what this one is all about. Marlon Wayans made it his assignment to produce this second movie despite the bashing the first one got and after this sequel received the same feat one can only hope there won’t be a 3rd movie.

2) Winter’s Tale



The good actors in this movie could not savev the story which lost it’s footing somewhere the beginning and never did find it again. It’s one of the many fantasy romance movies around these days however where others succeed in being captivating, this one fails  and lands with a crash.

1) The Legend of Hercules


If you are one of the people who have been mixing this movie with the upcoming Bret Ratner Hercules which stars Dwayne Johnson, you might want to get that sorted right now. Kellan Lutz tars as Hercules in this movie which is mainly good for those that can’t get some sleep with ease as it’s a sleeping pill on its own. If it;s the customes you like checking out in movies then you could watch this one and take down notes for your tailor. However if you want to be entertained like the people f Capua, then you need to go look for another movie to watch.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. My first thought when i saw Maleficent was “not cinema-worthy, i should have bought d CD instead”. The vampire academy!! oh God i was sleeping. Thank God all it cost me was 300box borrowing from dstv box office.
    Same goes for Legend of Hercules, i slept through it.
    I did enjoy robocop though and Pompeii wasn’t so bad for me.
    Seen blended but i can’t really say how i feel about it. The haunted house 1 but not 2.
    I might just stay off the rest u mentioned or just watch them to see if we share the same view.

    1. Other than its crappy story line, the moment i noticed Nicholas Cage was in that movie i decided not to watch it.
      That guy needs the sort of deliverance guys like Cuba Gooding Jr, Val Kilmer, Christian Slater and John Travolta need.

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