“Yes, There Are Issues”- Details Of Chris Oyakhilome And His Wife, Rev. Anita’s Marital Issues

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Some weeks ago, a Facebook account called ‘Where is Rev Anita Oyakhilome?’ was created by an anonymous member of Christ Embassy International where they insinuated that all was not well in the holy matrimony of Pastor Oyakhilome and his wife of many years, Rev. Anita.
The Facebook page, quoted Pastor Oyakhilome saying that there were problems in his marriage because of his wife’s attitude. Speaking with his UK-based pastors and deacons at the church Bermondsey branch office on May 16th, pastor Oyakhilome allegedly said;
“I am here for your concerns about the ongoing domestic issue with my wife and I know it affects you directly, being the ones under her leadership.
 “Some pastors’ wives think when they marry a pastor, they are equal to the pastor. My wife thinks so. As a matter of fact, Rev. Tom was her pastor before I married her and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were her leaders long before I married her. How come she thinks she’s senior to them now?  I already started Christ Embassy before I married her. I didn’t marry her and said we should start Christ Embassy. I was already ‘pastoring.’ I already set my sail and knew my direction before I married her. I only said ‘come and help me.’
“Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in people, instead of keeping friends that will help her vision, especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.”
“Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is always angry and bitter,” he was quoted as saying.
Reacting to this quotes and reports, someone from the Church who spoke with a Punch reporter said “There are issues, yes, but the Facebook post is an absolute fallacy.”
Another church member who identified herself as Pastor Mercy, said the report was false. “It is not true; it is a rumour. All these things are make-up stories.”
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Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. It’s true!!!!!! We in the UK who attended the meeting know it’s true.let us stop lying and focus on praying for a solution to this problem which has been going on since December.

  2. if church members cannot tell their pastors the truth then its unfortunate. however its better to pray more over this issue and talk less about it. If we interpret the turn of events today world over, it calls for heartfelt repentance for the time is near.

  3. my brother and sisters lets all put our head together and put everything to God in prayer for Gods love for us is out of measure.

  4. Dear Beloved, pastor’s life and ministry is not for public discussion rather to pray for them all. please let us pray for our pastors that they will not fall, fail, and that God should keep their family to stand in CHRIST JESUS NAME , AMEN.

    1. sorry, but as people who are living examples of the sheep they lead their lives are unfortunately in the public. We should stop this denial and realise that he is a man, who has his own weaknesses and if he is at fault, should come out and apologize/repent. How can you pray if they who are at fault are unrepentant? Obviously there is a problem in their marriage and they need to be truthful to their flock. If Pstr Chris is innocent he should live by example and fight to be with his wife (physically staying with her). This whole thing of married couples staying apart is a red flag for me, as it goes against the whole principle of marriage as their flock end up using that as an example to live separate married lives. He should repent first before you start doing mass prayers for someone who probably is at fault and doesnt want to repent…

  5. Can anyone of your members of CE tell me, if it’s true that Pastor Oyakhilome said that masturbation is not a sin? I have heard this for a longtime now, but I was not so sure if this is also bad talk about the Pastor or otherwise. Could anyone of you point me to the Bible verse he used in justifying this preaching. Thanks in advance.

  6. People will,intepret what they hear,either rightly or wrong.He never justified it nor quoted a bible verse to call it right.He said,masturbation is sin against your own body,and you have full control of your own body,only the devil likes using the guilt one feels,after doing it,to torment you.We concentrate here on the guilt and condemnation,that weighs the person down,after doing it.Thats how pastor chris ,put it not the other way.

    1. sir, stop defending errors, masturbation is a sin in it self. What is sin? Sin is transgressing the law, and sins of the flesh including masturbation is sinful. Common sense will tell you that no one masturbates while thing of Psalms or any scripture for that matter. Only lustful thoughts that end up manifesting in the actual actions of masturbation. Remember he probably said that because he probably does it himself since he is not staying with his wife. If you sin against your body, that in itself is sinning against the most high Himself because your body is the temple of His set apart spirit. Lets be real and call error an error.

  7. all we need now is the mercies and grace of the Lord ,so let us stop talking and pray for the Lord’s intervention and by his grace every thing will be solved ,because the Lord is our backbone in times of such situations.If we remember to pray for Pastor Chris everyday the Lord will came into this situation.

  8. in situations like this, what you say is very important. Remember they are as human as yourself. Mind to say less or nothing at all. It will be unfortunate to inque curse from someone’s problem. Remember the two people on the cross with our Lord, one was cursed and condemned forever but the other was saved, just by their comments. Concentrate on your own salvation and stop poking your noses where they do not belong. Stay blessed.

  9. Though this issue is very real, it is important to see it as the divisive strategies (we cant be ignorant of his strategies) of the enemy that are meant to slow the work of God. May the Lord move by His Spirit in this situation. Loving the Lord the way they do and not themselves, our dear pastor and the Rev. Anita will seriously humble themselves before the Lord to resolve this and to give God the glory. May the Lord help them as they declare that it is not about them but it is all about the Lord Jesus and His work in these last days. Amen

  10. devil always go against the people of GOD because of the great damages God is using this man of God to do in his kingdom he wanted to get him through his marriage but devil you will surely fail over him in Jesus name

  11. Pls we should all pray for pastor chris if truly it has gotten to this point because this is not to the glory of God. My concern before is that how can a man of God send his wife to pastor church in abroad, when bible said husband and wife should not stay apart except for fasting…as not to give room for temptation.1cor 7:5. Any pastor that is handsome, famous and rich, also at the pick of his ministry should know that is the target of ladies and satan. Many of our father of faith will not stay apart from their wives. O man of God wake up from your slumber and call your wife back. Do not let the kingdom of darkness rejoice again.


    1. then explain why they haven’t been staying together for years and why they no longer appear together at some functions like night of bliss? There is no smoke with fire my friend, only time will tell…

  13. Please can someone please forward this to Pastor Chris… The bible said in Gen 2 and the two shall become one flesh. Sir, immediately you marry your wife you are one flesh and all authority and respect equally pass to her. Who was Esther before she married the King? but what happened thereafter? The only thing I will not accept from your wife is to disrespect congregation and other ministers, but from biblical point of view her office is next to yours.

  14. I wonder how the bible is interprated it says when u marry u became one, but in this church its the opposite e g pastor anita is in south africa her husband is in america postor chris’s wife is in uk.why is this.postor chris pliz lead by example.

  15. hello brethren it is adviceable to pray on this issues rather than mking cments fr it is indid a spiritual danger to speak againts the lord anointed.JESUS REIGNS

    1. are u urself not annointed? Is not every believer annointed? He who dwells in you has made you annointed so there is no difference between you and pstr chris, thats why even paul when he started he openly rebuked the head apostle peter, he didnt censor his words but openly told him of his error. We are told to correct one another esp when we are in error, this whole thing of touch not my annointed is taken out of context because nowadays everyone is annointed, only in the OT when a few where annointed. If he is at fault he should confess his faults and we move on, is that not what the scriptures say, that we should confess our sins to one another for correction? Maybe at your church you are not allowed to question your pastors actions as he is a “god” to you. Scriptures clearly say correct, rebuke and even avoid those who continue in error.

  16. No matter how a man or men of god can be strong,the devil always uses something to bring them down n women b it the wife or order wise are always his tools.god safe us from evil.Amen

    1. The degree of the magnitude of distance between a spiritual father and his wife should tend to zero always. The roof has been leaking in the last 15 years but it has eaten deep and getting rotten. Togetherness brings and give strength to the couple. Strangers and vision killers have shown much love around than the owner. Pastor and Pastor Mrs i appeal to you both to save your home and your ministry by forgiving one another for the perfection of the saints. Ye are gods. If you fight against yourselves, then you are killing the spiritual body of Christ…..the Church. May the spirit of God reign and rule over every false powers of negative influences in Jesus name.

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