Wizkid Gets Interviewed on Diddy’s Revolt TV [VIdeo]

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Wizkid was recently interviewed on Diddy’s Revolt TV while he was in L.A. Revolt describes Wizkid as a rising Nigerian pop musician and he talked to them about why he thinks international, namely African, artists have a tough time making it to the mainstream American airwaves, as well as his predictions for the World Cup (“I’m just praying for Nigeria to win”).

Wizkid says: “In Africa, at the type of studios we record in, we don’t have the same software to mix our records properly,” said Wizkid of the difference between American and African sonics, which could lead to a lack of attention given to artists from overseas, though Wizkid is striking out on his own, revealing, “I’ve been blessed to record in the U.K. and the U.S. and my stuff is getting mixed properly. I’m working with top producers on my project so I just feel like with that… my sound is going to get recognition out here. ”

As for his goals in breaking through to the U.S. market, Wizkid asserted he “really just want to cross that bridge and make music that people can actually relate to out there, and that Africa as well can relate to.”

Recolt TV asked Wizkid if he has still found Caro, referring to his 2013 smash hit, ‘Caro’ and Wiz laughed and told them that although he’s met some beautiful women since spending more time in L.A., he is still searching.



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