Why You Should Not Date Your Friend’s Ex

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There are several unwritten girl codes about why dating your friend’s ex is totally wrong, but here I am to give you the written reasons why it is not a cool thing to do.

Friendship is very important

Why there is no argument that this guy who is your friend’s ex and who you have suddenly developed the hots for might be the one, but is it worth losing the friendship you have with this girl over? Is this man going to be there forever? If he will be there forever, would you never feel guilty? How would your friend feel? Would she still want to talk to you? If she still talks to you, would she ever forgive you for this? Does this friendship you both share, mean anything? If you can answer all these questions, without any troubles, then you can make your decision. If you cannot, then you know where you stand.

It is kinda shady

Except you did not know when these two dated, then it means you have always liked the guy. Because how would you explain how you both suddenly fell in love with each other and have decided to make things happen? The situation is very shady and questionable.

You will always watch your back

Whether you do this consciously or not, you will constantly be thinking of how your friend feels about you and if another friend of yours would do this to you  if tables were turned. You will be paranoid and you will wonder if he compares you to her (your friend) sometimes. And you wouldn’t want him to have a close relationship with any of your girlfriends either, because you will not want history to repeat itself.

Her consent might not be genuine

So you asked her for her “blessing” and she said it is fine for you both to be together but what is the certainty that deep inside of her she is still not uncomfortable with the whole arrangement? Except she dated the guy for two seconds and she felt scarce nothing for him, then chances are that she would never be okay with you both being together.

You would not like this

If reverse were to be the case, chances are that you will not like this. So just in case you are wondering why your friend is so touchy about the whole situation, then maybe you can just try and put yourself in her shoes.




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