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Believe me, I love new school everything, I totally adore new school. You don’t believe me? When I was writing my final year project in 2010 December, I ran to Google for most of my research and while I was doing this, I kept blessing the Lord for Google, for the Internet and for the easy access to both. Then I kept asking my mom how hard it must have been for her to write a project in 1988. Do you ever wonder how those guys coped? I don’t even want to. Thank you Google!

But let’s be honest, projects might be easier to write, shopping easier to do and pick up lines easier to steal but the real essence and beauty of dating is gone! GONE.

Image from: HuffingtonPost
Image from: HuffingtonPost


LOVE LETTERS – This is defo my best part of old school dating! If you never got any of those, then it means you were born in the new school and you don’t know what you missed! Then you could get to see how beautiful or ugly the boy’s handwriting was, see if he could spell (unlike now that spell check comes to the rescue) and see how he truly felt about you. Those have been replaced by… wait… nothing! These days, men hardly take time to put their thoughts down for a woman they care about anymore. We miss you old school days!

DIRECTLY ASKING SOMEONE OUT- I remember the thrill I got as a secondary school student when the boy I had been seriously and secretly crushing over, noticed lowly me (oh yes he was a big boy) took the bold step and walked up to me to say hi for the first time ever! I was ecstatic and I thought about it for days!

To be honest, this did not “reign” much in my time because before I was thirteen, mobile phones had begun to emerge and this particular part of old school dating was already on its way out. But the little I witnessed, heard about and experienced is certainly something worth thinking of! It has been replaced by asking people out over the phone and DMs. Ugh!

GOING ON REAL DATES- While we can argue this still exists, we would have to agree that there are more Skype dates than there ever was and speaking on the phone all day long is now becoming a substitute for spending time together. In 1991, I am sure lovers spent more time together than they do now.

TALKING BEFORE SEEING- Majority of relationships these days begin with a phone call and an addition to BBM before meeting. This takes away the initial shyness and awkwardness you will have when meeting for the first time, as much as many people might argue that this is cool as it makes you both used to each other before you see, we will also agree that the surprises are still very much welcome.

NUDIES BEFORE THE SEX- these days nudies get to the man before he even gets to touch the goodies, what happened to the old school times when the man only gets to see the goodies when the real thing begins, he appreciates it more that way and his hands get to have a first feel while he plays Boyz 2 Men’s “I’ll make love to you,” during the act. All we have now is nudies first, then sex after, during which Wiz Kid sings “Sare wa gba sisi Salewa” on the whatever.

WRITING LETTERS TO BREAK UP- or at least offering an excuse for break ups through a medium, any medium whatsoever. Old school dating featured letters that expressed the reasons you are leaving your boyfriend/girlfriend.

These days, new school dating and break up, includes, unfollowing on Twitter, blocking on Instagram, unfriending on Facebook, deleting on BBM or just putting up a selfie of you and another #theboo or #Leboo and ignoring calls.

Yup, New school dating be cruel like that.





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