Watch Out! Signs That You Are Getting Dumped Soon

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To be honest, even if it is written in bold prints on the wall for some women to wake up to, they would still ignore these things. But here I am, the savior of your heart (you know, the woman who always saves you from heartbreak) coming to rescue you again from the jaws of terrible heartbreak.

Some men are noble enough to calmly tell you that the relationship is over and it has run its due course and you can now stop sharing your private parts with each other and can now move on to sharing it with other people (okay, just read that as the end of lovemaking). While some will let you down easy, these men argue that they are better than the former but the truth is, coming out to say it is more courageous and less cowardly.

Anyway, just in case you are with one of those who would let you down easy by stylishly dumping you, here are ways to know you are being stylishly dumped or are going to be dumped soon or you are at the last stages of being dumped.

The sex is dead and gone

*cue in Justin Timberlake and TI’s Dead and gone*. You know what they say about the fact that there is a ringtone or music for everything you are going though in life? If the music or ringtone for your sex with your boo is Dead and Gone, then know that your man will soon throw you to the curb, he is just waiting for the right time and the right Vee.

You choke him… you just choke him… you are always just choking him

He is the only thing you do asides from… him. He is your hobby, your career, your job and your entire week. Without him, you really don’t have a life or anything else to do. See ehn, men love when you prioritize them because they are like babies and they crave attention all the damn time but the moment they are the only thing you do, you will not only begin to turn them off, you will begin to scare them shitless and they would begin to run. And if he doesn’t tell you to your face, then get ready to get dumped.

There is another woman somewhere in the picture

This one does not need to be listed here really because every woman has that sense of smelling another woman from miles away and I am not talking feminine cologne on your husband’s shirt here or lipstick stains on his white shirt. I am talking the ability to sense another woman’s presence in his life or around him. If you cannot do that because for some reason, you have lost that sense of “smell”, then you can at least see how he behaves to you or around you. Does he hurriedly hide his phone when you’re close? Does he now put a password there and refuses to let you know why? Does he run from the sitting room to your neighbour’s window to pick calls from his “boss”? whatever the case is, when there is another woman in the picture, you had better be ready to be dumped sooner or later.

No time again

Q: why didn’t you call me?

A: I was occupied at work.

One week later…

Q: you said you were going to call, what happened?

A: work.

Two months later…

Q: you never call me again these days, what’s going on?

A: work.

Except he is now Olivia Pope (who still has time to screw two men, anyway) saving the white house, then I really don’t see why there can’t be time to call your own woman. Or maybe the work is a curvaceous leggy chocolate skinned beauty?

If you don’t go on dates anymore, don’t see as you used to, don’t go to the important places anymore, then maybe the relationship is no more.

You now bore him to death

We all know we would die one day, but hey, there is nobody who wants to die of boredom. If nothing you do interests him anymore and if you can sense this for some reason, then know he will be letting you go soon. No man likes to be bored stiff by their women, they would look for the fun elsewhere, in the arms of another woman. And that has been made easy these days with the emergence of social media.

Open your eyes and don’t ignore the signs. The moment you are beginning to notice these signs or other signs that were never there in the beginning, then be quick to walk away.



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