Usher Comes To Justin Bieber’s Defence In Racist Remarks Controversy

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Following Lupe Fiasco’s comparison of Justin Bieber to Donald Sterling due to the release of videos showing Justin Bieber using the ‘nigga’ word and another showing the singing about killing ‘niggas’, Usher, the singer’s former mentor, has come out in defense of Bieber.
Usher spoke on Bieber saying: “I gave every bit of advice and always told him it was up to him if he really wanted this. Now that he has it, as an adult, it’s his to manage. Do I turn my head in shame based off of what I see, what I know? Nah, I don’t because it’s all part of life’s process. Am I in it with him? Yeah.”
Though he clearly isn’t disappointed in Bieber, Usher did say: “It’s unfortunate. I hate some of the things I hear. Is it all true? I don’t know. But I will tell you this: Success comes with a price. Every person that has grown up, grows through something. It ain’t just perfect from the beginning.”
Then asked about his mentorship of Bieber in the singer’s early days, Usher was quick to praise the practice of established artist taking young talent under their wings, saying he benefitted greatly from Diddy’s help early on in his career:
“Artist development made me who I am,” he said. “Somebody took the time to help me find what it is that works for me as an entertainer and who I am as a music maker.”
Wonder what the reaction of other artists will be concerning Justin Bieber’s racist remarks that have come to light.


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