US “Fights” Uganda Over Anti-gay Law

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The United States on Thursday in a bid to fight the newly imposed anti-gay law inflicting harsh penalties, canceled a regional military exercise in Uganda, imposed visa restrictions, diverted funds for a health institute to another country and cut funding for a Ugandan police program.

Senior US administration officials, speaking before the announcement by the White House, said the stepped up measures were carefully targeted at those responsible for abuses related to implementation of the anti-gay lawand involved in corruption.

However, this new move will not affect directly the impact HIV/Aids and food programs that benefit ordinary Ugandans,  officials said.

“The idea is to send a signal to perpetrators and would-be perpetrators that we are indeed monitoring, that we are indeed prepared to take measures, and that there are consequences,” a senior administration official told Reuters.



Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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