Tunde Leye’s Children’s Day Reading

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On Children’s Day, Patabah Books hosted popular author and fiction blogger Tunde Leye at their Shoprite, Surulere bookshop. He read from his illustrated Children’s Book, The Rat Race to a group of lively children. Tunde Leye is the author of two other novels, Golden Sands and The Burden of Proof. Here are some  pictures from the reading event


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Tunde Leye

Tunde Leye

Tunde Leye is the author of the blog Finding Hubby, which catalogues the escapades of the well loved Oyin Clegg. He is currently putting finishing touches to his debut novel - Golden Sands, which will be published in Nigeria in October, 2012 and will be available in select stores and on Amazon. Follow him on twitter @tundeleye

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