Top Five Celebs Whose Wives Are Lucky in Love

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Top Five Celebs Whose Wives Are Lucky In Love

So you know how when you were younger, you’d always envision getting married to one of them R&B artistes because the love songs sends you to cloud nine and you couldn’t picture anything better. But then accepting the inevitable, you’re left to wonder how lucky whoever they’d end up with would be. Well here are five of such…


John Legend

In all his romance and glory, John legend is one hot artiste whose vocals can send anyone reveling in the clouds. His music is so heart warming and all loved up you just wanna meet someone and profess all his lyrics to the person and get lost in the park, while kissing underneath the sun…he recently got hooked to his heartthrob with the song, “All of me


Justin Timberlake

I’ve always said Justin Timberlake’s voice was gotten directly from the angels. His perfect blend between all rhythms and pitches in music makes him stand out, now add that to his romantic disposition and you have perfection.


Timi Dakolo

Timi! Timi! Timi! We all know Timi to be a lover boy. With his proud display of his wife via social media and his romantic words to her- So dreamy


Dare Art Alade

Dare’s has in more ways than one shown what a lovey duvvy super romantic he can be. In the public light anyway…


Naeto C

Naeto C falls into this category because he has been spotted one too many times with the mrs together at social gathering. The consideration to pose as married couples everywhere earned them the spot.



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