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This topic is something I would rather not write about, because some people might misinterprete it, but I thought why not? We all do fantasize about something, whether sexual or just any other form; even those dorky people who don’t seem to care about anything but the mop of hair on their head do fantasize. Now, bringing it down to sexual fantasies, you should know that men and sexual fantasies are like fish and water, and if you really want to know what makes a man tick in his pants, you need to understand his fantasies. And oh, you don’t fantasize? Right, then I’m the King of Scotland.

Come to think of it, if men and women don’t fantasize, Ikebe Super magazine wouldn’t be such a huge deal back then, and Mills and Boon wouldn’t be such a best seller, would it? So, now that we all know and accept that we all fantasize even if we will never carry those things out; and that men think a lot about sex and fantasize to no end, let’s get straight to the well-kept secret of men’s mind and our sexual fantasies.

But remember, I said fantasies, so when men fantasize, it doesn’t mean we want to do those things or we are doing them. Hope we are all on the same page?

  1. Threesomes
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A man loves to have a sexual threesome, this explains why most guys will tell you they would rather watch two lesbians making out than see two gay men hug themselves, believe me, we are not just thinking about watching, we are thinking about joining. Some men would tell you they want to have sex with two women because they want to brag about it, but if it’s just a case of bragging; they wouldn’t really want to fantasize about the sex, they would rather fantasize about the bragging part. We men generally think a beautiful woman’s body is the best looking thing we’ve ever seen; women say the same thing too right? Right! So seeing two girls all over each other in such close proximity is just way too haute, in a completely delightful sexual way! So, know that threesome is one thing men would like in bed, even if we are all not doing it.

  1.  Prostitutes
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This may sound preposterous, but calm and read it first before calling me a ‘pervert’. I know women believe it is disgusting for their men to have sex with a prostitute, even all those 500 level’s female medical students who forever spend their weekends with all the Alhajis and Senators in Abuja think so too, and I think it is disgusting as well especially with all the STDs in town and a whole lot of ‘voodoo’ stories flying around. But while a man might not be thinking of driving to Allen Avenue to pick a hooker for the night, he wants a woman who will bang him senseless like a well-paid prostitute from time to time, he wants to get laid a few minutes into the talk and sometimes even less, he wants to be the unofficial James Bond, he wants some spices in his sex life, and his girlfriend or wife may very well be that prostitute in his fantasy. You get it?

  1.  Women Who Are Off-Limits
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Men love what they can’t have, but then we still try sometimes. So, it happens that many of us have dated and had sex with Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie, Genevieve, Omotola, Agbani and even Lupita in our heads. I don’t know why, but we find the thought of hooking up with a woman who is off limits extremely attractive and arousing. We fantasize about it, but it doesn’t mean we will go after them, but who knows, we might just score it big with Bey someday when Jay Z is not looking. Lol

  1. The Stranger
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Having a stranger in bed is what almost all men want, it’s one of the biggest male fantasies, and one that has a great story line too. You know, a guy’s walking down the street, and a girl runs up to him and tells him she’s in trouble. Apparently, she’s being chased by some thugs; dude then decides fight those thugs, he does and he beats them all with some kung-fu and judo he had only seeing in movies but never learnt. He then takes the damsel to her home, and she applies a soothing balm on his wounds while he lays on her laps, after which comes a great sex, and by the morning he is gone never to see the babe again.

That scenario is a typical male sexual fantasy, and almost all men have their own version of that, because a gorgeous stranger is the hottest person to have sex with; if not in reality, in a man’s head.

  1.  The Virgin
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You see, men are competitive, and just like our sperm; we all want to be the first to get there, I mean, into a girl’s pants. One of the biggest male fantasies is about being the first one to enter that mound of Venus and teach the girl what it’s all about. A lot of men have a fantasy about being the first guy to have sex with a girl because maybe he can control her or maybe because he wants to show her how liberating sex can be. But most of all, we want to be the one to scratch that Ray J kind of tune “I hit it first” on the dance floor. But whatever the reason may be, a typical guy would always imagine a scene in which he’s making out with a girl who is just having her cherry popped, by him of course.

So guys, any other sexual fantasy I forgot to add? Kindly drop them in the comment section; don’t worry, your woman won’t see it, and if she does, I already told her they are mere fantasies and they don’t mean anything more than that.

Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.

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