Toddler Drowns During Pool Party While Guests Sang ‘Happy Birthday’

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At a birthday party for a 1-year-old child, a 4-year-old little girl tragically drowned in a 4-feet-deep pool while the guests were singing “Happy Birthday.”  The little girl went unsupervised and drowned in the 4-feet-deep section of a pool. Guests spotted the little girl drowning after the song was finished and tried administering CPR, but unfortunately they were not able to save her.

Police have ruled in the incident a tragic mistake, and referred to it as “situational” due to the fact adults were present, but turned their attention away from the pool just long enough for this tragedy to take place.

“It appears that its situational. In other words something else was going on. They were singing happy birthday to the child. So a lot of folks had their attention diverted away from the pool,” Sergeant Christ Holzhauser told the outlet.

According to police, the little girl had been wearing protective gear while in the pool earlier that day. However, the gear was removed after she was taken out of the pool.

A pool party for a one year old child? who does that?


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