Time to Free Him! Ways to Know You’re Not Into Him

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They say, when a woman stops feeling a man, she cannot hide it no matter how hard she may try. I am like that actually, so I support that claim. But I also know women who are nothing like that. They don’t show because they don’t want to hurt the other person and so they carry on with the relationship which is never good for everyone involved.

What some of these women don’t know is, you will be exhausted and frustrated by the time this whole thing is over and you better start finding a way to get out now so you don’t hurt the man and leave yourself frustrated.

How to know for sure that it is time to leave? Check out the signs below:

-When he is not around, you are very excited. It should be the other way round. When he is around you are excited and when he is not, you miss him so much, it seems the day can’t/won’t start without him by your side. When you always want your boo to be out of the door so you can get down to some real fun all the time, madam, let him go already.

-You countdown to the time the sex will be over. When you guys both get together, your eyes are on the clock as it ticks while you countdown to the thirty minutes or one hour it would take him to cum, so you can go wash up and get dressed and move on to other important things like Keeping up with the Kardashians. The moment you cannot wait for the sex to be over, then things have really degenerated to a level where you honestly should let him go. The reason is simple, you are clearly sad with this person.

-Even the kisses turn you off. Kissing is an integral part of foreplay and a good foundation to lovemaking. If you don’t want to be kissed anymore by him and you would rather he keeps his tongue to himself, then something is wrong.

-He irritates you. Even when he is trying so hard to please you, he turns you off faster than PHCN does electricity. Anything he does is not right and you honestly don’t get why he is trying so hard. Question is why are you trying so hard to hold on? You don’t feel it, then leave it be.

-You are not excited about discussing him or your relationship with your closest pals. Women are usually giddy at the start of their relationships and it is very hard to shut a woman up when she has just found love. She might decide to get private later, which is okay. But no woman ever finds talking about her man boring, if she loves him. When talking about him to your pals becomes a chore, then the relationship has run its full course.

-You never have anything nice to say about him. Whenever you talk about him, it is all his faults and bad sides you are listing. You realize that things are not the same anymore and you cannot remember the last time his name brought a smile to your face. This is a sign that things are not well in paradise anymore, so maybe it is time to close this chapter of your life.


We stay with people for different reasons and we are the only ones who know why we are sticking around for so long. But the moment things are not as they should be, then we should make a real decision, do we want to stay and allow frustration kick in? Or do we want to take a breath of fresh air for a while? Or do we want to close this chapter of our lives and move on?

Whatever the situation is, staying and being frustrated is not the way out. Apart from breaking someone else’s heart by staying cold while with them, you will be unhappy yourself. And life is too short to be unhappy.



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