The Shadow Episode 6 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

“I’ve identified the first body but the second one is proving to be a bit difficult”

“How now? If you could identify the first one, it should not be hard for you to do now”

“My dearest friend, it was easy because the first woman had an identity card with some other forms of identification to confirm she is really the one in her bag. The second had absolutely no form of identity, not even like Ruby 08’s own”

“So, what do we do to identify her?”

“Not to worry, we are in a medical age that will help us identify her using dental records and some stuff I’m sure will bore you. In the mean time, you should check who the first woman is. Her things are on that table”


Wale pointed out the table to Olaore who moved as if he was being chased. Wale shook his head. His friend was getting really worked up and so was he. If the killer was bent on murdering people at this pace then he should be ready to be really busy. He sighed and went near Olaore. Olaore looked up and shock was written all over his face, Wale knew there had to be something really wrong.

“Paddy mi, what’s that?”

“This is unbelievable”, olaore kept muttering to himself but loud enough for Wale to hear.

“What is unbelievable now?”

“Guy, that #Woman 1 na the manager of that Syrup night club”

“Seriously?”, surprise registered in his voice.

“As in ehn, I no believe am too. I was just looking for her at the night club the night before I got the messages. I never would have guessed she was in danger.”

“Hmmmm. It is like this guy is picking them from Syrup. This is the second person and who knows, Woman #2 may be from Syrup too”

“Damn it, that’s true o. Maybe I will show the mug shot from the crime scene around the club and see if anybody can identify her.”

“Won’t that be hard to do? All those strippers may not talk.”

“Don’t worry, I met this girl the other night at the club. She’s really sweet, I’m sure she will help me.”

“Olaore, hmmmm. I know this is not the right time but you met a girl? That should make headlines”

“Shut up joor, I will put a bullet in your mouth now”

“Really, I thought you were going to end up dying as a loner. There is hope after all. So, when will I meet the girl?”

“Shut the f**k up”, Olaore walked out and was grinning despite himself. Any reminder about Lisa had him grinning like a chesire cat with a bowl of milk in his front.


Lisa’s phone would not stop ringing and she was thinking of turning it off completely when she saw the caller. She smiled and then decided to take a break from the handout she was reading.

“So, you finally decided to call?”

“Haba, you know how things went that day now. Been busy since then”

“I know jare. Did you guys find the killer yet?”

“That’s not so easy o. The guy is so smart, he’s making look for prints where there are none”

“Hmm. I know nothing about police work but I know this is a tough one”

“It is o. I need to see you, urgently”

“What is it? You miss me that much?”

“Yes and I need your help. I can’t say much on the phone. Come to my house today by 6, please”

“I will try. I will let you know when I leave here”

“Okay, see you soon.


Meanwhile, in a church not so far from Olaore’s house, a man who obviously was a preacher held the newspaper his assistant had just brought to his office and could not breath. He kept looking at the grainy picture of a dead woman that he need nobody to tell him who it was. Only if his daughter has stuck to the ways of the Lord, her almost naked dead body will not be pictured in a national newspaper. He bent his head and wept for the soul of a girl that never had the chance to reconcile with her maker before she died. That would not stop him from looking for the man that had killed the girl. He picked his phone and called his trusted personal investigator.

“Sir, I was just about calling you. I saw the papers today”

“Good. Nobody except you and the assistant pastor that have seen my daughter knows who she is. I want it that way but I want the killer found. I want justice”

“Not to worry sir, I’ll take care of it”

“Good, I trust you to do this for her. She adored you a lot”

“I know that sir, I adored her too. You don’t have to worry, I will bring the man down.

“Good. I’m tired, need to be alone now”

“Okay sir. Take care sir”

He dropped the call and kept his head in his hands. The tears came pouring like storm, he cried for things that were meant to be.


Private Investigator Delani was angry and that was enough fuel to push her to bring the man down. The Shadow will be found for you, my precious Mary, she thought.

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