The Shadow Episode 5 by @emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

Olaore was dumbfounded. He had expected the message to be a prank text from one of his colleagues but curiosity had him opening his mail if there was anything there and what he found there made him shiver despite the hot weather. The pictures in his mail was not gruesome but seeing two dead women; one fully clothed and the other in underwears only and the mail signed “The Shadow” had his skin crawl. He was still staring at the pictures when his second phone rang. It was an unknown number and he was sure it was The Shadow calling him to confirm if he had seen the pictures. He guessed correctly.

“Go to the addresses in that mail. You should hurry, I already invited the press.”

“Who are you and why are you doing this?”

“Very funny. Was the mail unsigned?”

“It was not. You call yourself the shadow. Who are you really?”

“You want to know? You have to catch me to know that and last time I checked, no one can capture the shadow. If you are doubting, try catching yours.”


Giving a sarcastic laugh, the shadow severed the connection. He was enjoying himself so much and was glad he could finally do the world a great favour by getting rid of loose women. He had not planned on killing the second girl but he could not stop himself. On his way back from the first killing, he had spotted the girl. She was wearing a nude coloured gown that almost matched her skin colour and clung to her body like second skin. The dress was very short and had triggered his anger. The girl was obviously waiting on the street for a customer. He parked and she flashed him a smile that said he guessed correctly what she was waiting for on that road. The Shadow talked to her and her fee was so cheap that he almost felt the anger ripping his heart out. There on the street was a beautiful girl with equally beautifully made body that would have decided to make a life for herself but she chose to sell herself to every stranger she meets.


Immediately she got into his car, she had started unbuttoning his pants and touching him. Irritation would not even allow him to be aroused but the girl felt she needed to try harder. She put her mouth on his manhood and he felt his body respond to her tongue action. Pissed that a common slut could make him feel that way, he reached for his taser.


The girl did not know what hit her. It felt as if tiny soldier ants were crawling all over her and biting her furiously. She tried to move her body but she could not.  Her customer for the night brought out a bottle and a syringe and started to fill it. She watched as he injected her and refilled it again. She could not say what it was the man was injecting into her body but a while she felt so good, she craved the liquid more. Her body was quivering with excitement and thought that was how some of her ecstacy pills made her but the liquid felt better. Suddenly she began to sweat profusely and could not breath properly. The man was not even concerned about her dilemma, he just stripped off her clothes and pushed her out of the car. It became so unbearably painful to breath and as the darkness became overwhelming, she thought how her mom had warned never to talk with strangers when she was a little girl.


As usual, the shadow left no trace of himself behind. He would give these dumb ass policemen the opportunity to show their incompetence to the world again. He would make them be the laughing stock of the society once more.


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