The Shadow Episode 4 by@emini_ANOTI

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the shadow

It was the smell of something delicious that woke him up. At first, he thought he was somewhere else. When he opened his eyes and confirmed that he was in his bed and the smell was indeed coming from his kitchen, he quickly got up and went to check on who the intruder was. The sight that greeted him in the kitchen made him choke on his saliva. There was the most beautiful girl he had ever see in nothing but his singlet and boxers. Her long wig had been removed and her natural hair was packed in a ponytail. She looked younger without make-ups; so young that he feared he might actually have brought a minor to his home. Her very young innocent face made him blurt out his thoughts without thinking

“How old are you?”

The kinife she was using to dice onions slipped from her hand and fell to the ground. She looked up and placed her hand on her chest in mock relief.

“It is just you. I was restless and decided to cook breakfast for us. Hope you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind that you’re making breakfast. As long as it is delicious. Answer my question, how old are you?”

“Oh. I’m 22. Why did you ask?”

“Shit, 22? You looked way older yesterday. Like 25 or 26”

“Ouch. Like an ugly maid, right?”

“Nope, not at all. You had too much make up on but you looked good all the same. I just like you better without the artificial mane and excess colours”

“Oh, thanks. I’ll keep that in mind next time I want to paint my face with excess colours”

“So, you’re 22. You know I’m way older than you, right. I could pass for your uncle or something”

“But you’re not my uncle. Besides, I’ve not had sex with you yet for you to be that concerned”

“You think? The fact that you are here in my kitchen doesn’t bother you?”

“Nope. I kind of trust you”

“Trust me? You trust someone you met yesterday? You should be smarter with a stripper from your club dead”

“O….kay. Think I got the message. Now, I’m scared. You’re not a killer, are you?”

“Will a killer tell you he is a killer?”

“O…kay, I think I’ll just pick my bag and leave. You just scared the hell out of me. The food is almost done anyways, you can manage what’s left to be done.


Olaore could not hold his laughter anymore. The girl kept on looking at him like he was crazy. After some seconds, she went to the bedroom to change into her cropped top and a jean trouser. She was putting her clothes into her bag when Olaore entered the room.

“See, babes, I was just kidding. I didn’t mean to scare you away. I want you to stay, at least till you’ve eaten.”

“Maybe you’ve put something inside already sef. No thanks, I’ll pass. I can afford my own breakfast”

“Awwww”, olaore held his chest, feigning hurt. “You just broke my fragile heart. Stay, I promise not to hurt you. You spent the night with me and no harm came to you, remember?”

She rolled her eyes and kept on putting the rest of her clothes into her bag. Olaore moved near and took the bag from her.

“Just stay with a lonely man and keep him company, I promise to be very nice to you. Gentleman’s honour. I cross my heart”

She sighed when she could not wrestle the bag away from him.

“You won’t give up, will you?”

“No, I won’t”, he gave her his biggest smile showing crooked but white teeth that made him look him handsome in a rouguish way.

“Okay. If you say one more thing that is scary, I’m out of here, bag or not.”

“Yes, your honour. Let’s start all over. Come to think, I never bothered to ask for your name.”

“That’s true. Very careless of both of us. My name is Lisa. I know yours though. Found your police I.D card in the drawer beside the bed. That was why I said, I kind of trust you, Detective Olaore”

Olaore’s jaw dropped. The girl was more than he expected and his heart softened for a girl he was 13 years older than; something that had not happened since his family perished in a fire accident that left him cold and unfeeling and a ruthless fighter of justice.


Lisa knew she was going to be in trouble and would have to think of a veritable lie to tell her big brother. He had been calling her since yesterday and she had refused to pick his calls because he would know that she was at the club house working; something he had warned her severally to quit doing. She could not just stop working at the club yet because she needed more than her brother was sending to her as monthly upkeep and could not even turn to prostitution to make ends meet. Her friend had introduced her to the manager who had taken her in without much probing. The job was not that lucrative but it had provided her with more than enough.


Lisa was decent despite all the temptation flying around her. Many rich men had approached her in the past but she had refused them. Her salary and allowance was enough for her. She had only agreed to follow Olaore home because she needed somewhere to sleep that night. The girl she squats with had sent a message that she was going away for the weekend and she had taken the key to the apartment with her. Lisa had left her key in a hurry to get to work and going to her brother’s place looking like a devil’s pawn was not an option. She had asked around for help but no one seemed to be kind enough to have her over. She was still looking for a solution when Olaore came her way. He looked like a gentleman and her guts told her he was an O.K guy which turned out to be true.


Turning her off, she turned to her host who was asking her about the persistent phone calls that had intruded on her serving breakfast.

“Trouble in paradise?”

“Which paradise?”

“I don’t know. I just feel the caller kind of need to talk to you urgently, that’s why he’s calling over and over again”.

“No jor. It’s my brother. He wants to know where I’ve been since yesterday.

“Oh, you live with your bro?”

“No, I stay in one of the school hostels but my brother checks on me from time to time”

“Why are you not picking his calls then?”

“Long story jare, I’ll call him later when I have the courage to answer his questions”

“Hmmm, if you say so sha but I can always help you find that courage, if you want sha”


“Yeske, I’m Mr. Courage finder. Super talented at it.”

Lisa laughed and olaore looked at her with a big grin on his face. The girl makes him feel like the best comedian in the world. She was easy to talk with and he was smiling more than he had done in years.

“Ore, you are just not serious.”

“I like the way you call my name. You are pronouncing it like friend in yoruba”.

“Oh, good then. It makes sense since you are my friend. You are my friend, right?”

“Definitely. Back to your brother. ”

She was about to say something when his phone beeped twice. He checked the screen and saw it a message from a strange number. The message read:

“Check your mail. I have something interesting for you that you will make your pulse quicken”.

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