The Five Types of Guys You Shouldn’t Date

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There is nothing wrong with being choosy when it comes to dating. I have watched over the years as men make women look insane/stupid when they are choosy about who they want to be with. There is nothing wrong with being choosy, being too choosy? Maybe. But you are very much allowed to the former.

While choosing a man you want to be with, note that there are some types of guys that you should run fast away from and never look back to even say hi to.

-Mr Playa: These types of men are usually not used to keeping their hands to one woman. They are constantly sharing the goodies with everyone and anyone around. The bad thing about them is that they will leave you heartbroken and you might not be able to get over it in a very long time. The good thing about them is nothing.

-Mr I-wanna-hit-that-all-the-damn-time: aka the sex addict aka the one obsessed with coitus aka… okay, I will just stop there. This type usually want to have sex anytime you are both alone and it is the only thing they want to do and they seem to always want to do with you. Sex is an integral part of a relationship, but so are emotions and both of them are expected to go hand in hand. When sex is the only thing you both do, then what are you calling it a relationship for? Might as well be called Hook up or Friends with benefits.

-Mr Egoistic somebody: men are egoistic. I wish I could type that in fifteen other languages, but I do not understand fifteen other languages, so I will just reiterate, Men are egoistic. I have not met any man that is not egoistic and this explains why most of them make the decisions they make in relationships sometimes. The problem however is, when a man is too egoistic then there are likely going to be issues. He would place his pride above you and there are certain things you will never be able to do because of his huge ego. Eventually you will be frustrated and exhausted and you will want a way out. Better to run now before you get to that stage.

-Mr Liar: Usually this attitude is attributed to/with Mr Playa. Liars never tell the truth. Obviously abi? The thing with this bunch of jokers is that the more you stay, hoping they would change, the more of your time you are wasting. And the more heartbreak you will be causing yourself. There is no need sticking with a liar.

-Mr Emotional blackmailer: Some guys will blackmail you with anything and everything to get something done. And some of them will go as low as blackmailing you emotionally to stay with them. Blackmail shouldn’t be the reason you will put up with anybody, let alone a man who constantly uses it as a tool to make you do things he wants you to do when you clearly don’t want to do them.

There is more and more type of guys a woman should not even dream of touching with a Nepa pole, because they simply are the worst type of men. You shouldn’t limit your “DO NOT TOUCH” list to the types listed above. Open your eyes, be smart and listen to the signs that might label the guy you are with a potential disaster.



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    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This website is one thing that is required on the
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