The Craziest Meanings of ‘Dorobucci’ Given by Nigerians

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Ever since Mavin Records released the popular Dorobucci song, the meaning has been the topic of discussion on social media. Everyone wants to know what the song means. But even before Don Jazzy came out to explain the meaning, people had taken to the name and tagged ‘Doro’ into everything. I have seen Twitter handles and Facebook names with Doro added to them. Whether, they know the meaning or not, people love the tag.


This led me to do a serious search on Google to find out what people really think Dorobucci means, irrespective of Don Jazzy’s explanation.

I stumbled upon some fascinating meanings. See Below:


“Dorobucci is a wealthy person.”


“Doro means drawing water out of the well.”


“Gyration song.”


“DORO in Yoruba simply means EMI, which in English is either ME, MYSELF or I. And as you know the mean of bucci to be fun. So DoroBucci mean I’m Fun.”


“The doro DonJazzy is talking abt is not the same with the Yoruba’s Doro(water drawer), I’m only telling you wat he own DORO means in Yoruba lang…

note:DonJazzy’s doro is not a Yoruba word!

I only explain wat his doro means in our own lang.”


“In the song he calls wealthiest people in Nigeria and refers to them as Dorobucci.”


“Doro is an italian word meaning God’s gift while Bucci means sumtin cool or awesum xo DORO BUCCI= GODS GIFT IS AWESOME.”


“Dorobucci means buccaneer’s fun!!!”


“Doro ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̇ pronounced “daorow” and its mostly used for gurls……its σ̲̅f̲̮̲̅ old greek and the spanish language………..dorothy.”



“Doro means “bring down”. usually of thinga kept in an elrvated place. #ibibio.”


“Doro means na my own b dat. doro.duh.”


“It means Mumu pple”


“Doro is a slang of the BUCCANEERS,ask 4rm d sealords and you will get themeaning.DOROALORA,DOROFINEBOY,DOROGP,DOROME.”


“Doro have no meaning.”


“Wait!!!!! In my own language DORO means (Drawer) ikan ifami. Yoruba Boi o.”


“Doro is an Italian word…… it means “golden”


“Am sure he (Don Jazzy) was the one that fabricated the meaning.”


“He didnt say its a slang, its an english word he formed, and he plans to put in oxford dictionary i guess, didnt u see how the meaning was displayed.”


“Doro means chicken in Ethiopian relating to urban dictionary.”


“Doro mean wait bucci mean something DAT is awesome cool and good.”


And for some Screenshots:

doro2 doro3 doro4 doro5 doro6 doro7



This last meaning, sha. Na there we go fear fear.




Sally is the author of the Fish Brain series and Boys With Toys. She has written other online series like The Immortals’ Code, No heart Feelings, Novocaine Knights, To Tame a Virgin and In Pursuit of Kyenpia. She lives in Lagos with her husband and kids and loves the occasional bar lounging with friends. She blogs on or you can follow her on Twitter @NovocainKnights


  1. Dear Sally, we need the complete episodes of NOVOCAINE KNIGHTS. The wait is enough please,dnt let us forget the names of the characters nah!

  2. All, please check:

    There, the word “doro” is clearly related to demonism, warlock, occultism and sound, albeit in a different culture and presented as something benign. Also, ’til date this man has not given a meaning to the word he so skillfully used. He explained “bucci” but refused to explain “doro”. Ask yourself “why”. Even if you are not sure it is demonic, keep an open mind to that possibility. His evasiveness and the use of this word in other places as related to false gods and demons is highly suspect.

  3. The person who wrote the article though! Shm;) Doro isn’t Italian word FIY. There’s d’oro which means golden since “oro” is gold. Dono is gift and if you want to know what God’s gift means it’s dono da Dio. I beg stop giving it etimology that you’re not certain of.

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