Suicide Bomber Hits Military Post

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A suicide bomber hit a military post with his bomb laden car near a secondary school in Gwoza yesterday, killing three security operatives suspected to be soldiers while three others were wounded.

The suicide bomber, it was learnt, came through Wala and Warabe villages and hit the military post with deafening noise that rocked the neighbourhood, before people started to scamper for safety.

“We were woken up this morning with a bomb blast on the road near the school. Some of us started to run for safety, while others fled to the hill tops of Gwoza. I cannot tell say the exact casualties, but three soldiers were killed, while others took to their heels.

“There were no civilian casualties, as some people were still asleep when the suicide bomber detonated the explosives that killed him and the three,” a source told our correspondent on the telephone.

The source said the casualty figure could have been higher, as people were prevented from plying the road by the military for safety since last month.

Ada Igboanugo

Ada Igboanugo

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