Sneak Peek Into ZEN Magazine Africa’s June 2014 Issue

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For those who haven’t bought a copy of  Zen’s magazine June edition, here is a sneak peek into what this juicy edition has.

Zen Magazine_01__360nobs


Amongst many things, the creative team at Zen, shows us their favourite pieces and how to style them. The theme for the shoot can be said to be sophisticated and edgy. Most of the outfits are single toned and the Zen team is in sync with the rest of the world asthey embraced the spiked leather shoes.

The shoot was photographed by Portuguese photographer Patricia Ferreira

Zen Magazine_06__360nobsZen Magazine_07__360nobsZen Magazine_05__360nobsZen Magazine_04__360nobsZen Magazine_03__360nobsZen Magazine_02__360nobs

Have you bought this edition? If you haven’t, I am sure that you have a reason to now.

Keep refreshing 360nobs Style.



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