Smart, Single & Loves Shoes – Zanottis, Sushi & Decisions

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Are those Zanotti’s?

He hands me the boxes and casually says:

“I hope you like them jolie. A friend of mine introduced me to the designer once and when called and told him about the beautiful girl I wanted these for he was glad to help. They’re customized”.

At that point, I wanted to rush into his arms and stay there for the rest of the evening but then I had to remember that I couldn’t just give in like that. Forget all my mouth, the last time I got anything customized for me was a Christmas card in 2009!

Did Jide really do this for me?

A man who could get you customized shoes will do much more with your engagement ring. I’m not materialistic or anything but girl, I’m not working this hard and keeping this body in form for those engagement rings that come with magnifying glasses. If you need to keep your woman close, cuff her with customized engagement and weddings bands.

Like them? Like them?

Me: “This is the sweetest gift Jide, I absolutely do… I mean I’m not a big fan of his designs but these are so beautiful.”

I hugged him but not too hard. I wouldn’t want him to think my mind was blown or anything like that. A girl must maintain her dignity but I did feel like I’d judged him wrongly when I said, “Real men don’t swipe from their Savings account. I mean, who pays for drinks from their savings account?”

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Jide: “You’re welcome cara mia. Aren’t you gonna try them on?”

Me: “How did you guess my shoe size?”

He looks at by confused expression and laughs.

Jide:  “Hmm let me see,  you talk about being a size 6 as often as a normal person talks about the weather. Is it how your favorite Manolo’s were sold out in size 6 and you had to fight for the last pair? Or how you’ve got so much in common with Marilyn Monroe, like wearing a size 6 shoe? Hmm, I don’t know jolie, how ever did I guess your shoe size?”

Now I’m laughing so hard I’m almost crying. Omg Jide!

Me: “They fit perfectly Jide. Thank you.”

Jide: “My pleasure cara mia. I’m glad you like them.”

With that we walk up the stairs and into Izanagi and everybody there knows Jide. They smile and greet him with a respectful familiarity. I love this feeling, being with him. Not caring how I looked, genuine happiness. And the Zanottis were a plus too but part of me could care less, the thought behind it surpassed the gift.

I almost stop short when the phone call I had with my sister Lola, a couple weeks ago flashes into my head. Was she right? Am I falling for Jide?

The thing with shoes and love is, new shoes can totally heal any type of heartbreak and can instantly make you fall in love with the giver. But that love isn’t real love, is it? It’s not like being in love, right?

You can love nice things and even the person who gives them to you but being in love seems to be a whole different thing. That said, some people stay in marriages because of their love for their children and not for love for their partners.

Hold on Ibukun, where are you going with all this?

Get a grip!

We’re seated in a quiet little corner and the restaurant is cosy and intimate. I shiver a little bit, more from nerves than a chill and Jide asks if I’m cold. He starts to offer me his jacket but I refuse, I need to be alert. I can’t stay focused with his jacket draped around my bare shoulders. His scent will drive my imagination even more wild.

We catch up and talk while we eat and the sushi is pretty good, for Lagos anyway. We both eat to our hearts content and I let myself indulge in a glass of wine which is probably why I was feeling all comfortable and didn’t think too much of it when he took my hand from across the table.

Jide: “Are you okay?”

My fingers tingle a little and  I can’t pull away or resist his touch. It feels weird to be held like this but… I like it, a little too much maybe.
I just look at my glass and the reflection of my Rolex like there might be an answer there.


Me: “Yes… I’m good. The food was delicious & I love my gifts. Its been a lovely evening.”

Jide: “I am not playing games Ibukun. I don’t know how to play games and I know how you like things done… but I’ll rather just be honest with you.”

Ah! What is he trying to say??


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