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“Oh I’ll be down in a minute, I just have to turn off my computer.”, I lied.

I was trying to decide if I needed to throw on a new pair of underwear even though I had no intentions of letting Jide get his way tonight but it’s better to be prepared than caught unawares.

I don’t know about you but I always keep a fresh set of Kiki De Montparnasse underwear in my desk drawer for emergencies like this.

Ladies, if you are going to let a man undress you on a special night then please, don’t present him with the sight of La Senza that he can get with Chidinma, the receptionist.

kiki dm lingerie

 Anyway, I decided against changing my underwear.

Jide: “It’s a Wednesday night after work cara mia, I don’t expect you to look like you just walked out of a fashion magazine”. He chuckles.

Me: “FYI Mr., I always look like I just walked out of a fashion magazine thank you! I was simply trying to close my Skype, I’ve been on with Hong Kong.”


All these lies, God help me. Jide makes me so nervous… Argh!

It is utterly unacceptable. One lie after the next. On the phone with Hong Kong keh?

Chai Ibukun oh!


Jide: “Oh okay, Hong Kong will have to wait then, or does Hong Kong have a present for you? Because if I remember correctly I think I came across a little something you might like…”


OMG! Did he get me a present? Did he think about me so much during the day that he shopped for me?


I hate the way my stomach reacts to the mention of presents, it goes all warm and fluttery. The moment Jide mentioned ‘present’ I felt the warmth and flutter a little lower.


Someone needs to take me to the altar and leave me over night for Jesus.


“I am on my way!”

I happily take the elevator to the last floor, with hastened steps.


I open the doors leading outside and I immediately see Jide in his LR3 sitting in the driver’s seat waiting for me. On seeing me he smiles and immediately comes around to open the door for me. He bows and doffs his imaginary hat. He proceeds to sniff the air around me and I giggle and say;


“Jide what in God’s name are you doing?”

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