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This topic applies to a lot of women but trust me, there are men who become so needy they scare the woman away. I kid abi? Wait till I am done listing out the signs and you will see how they not only apply to women, but men as well.

Everything goes for this person. This should not be a bad thing if the person does everything goes for you too. If when they call you twenty minutes to the time they need your company (after not checking on you the whole week) you say Yes every other time, then you are seeming quite needy.

There is nothing wrong with being called on an impromptu date by someone you are seeing, but you see when this happens all the time and is followed by the person not checking in on you until the next time for an impromptu date and worse you jump at the offer while ditching other very important plans, then you are seeming too available and needy.

If they care about you, they will find time to squeeze in calls every once in a while and send messages when they cannot call.

If you have just met someone and he does this for you and you are always ready to jump on the request, oh well…

You say you love everything they love, except you don’t. You hate onions, but when they mistakenly put it in your meal you swear you do and it is your favorite part of every meal simply because you feel they would get offended and they love onions. You claim you love KUWTK when half of the time you want to shake Kim Kardashian’s head till she gets some sense. You say football or Tennis is something you love and would totally dedicate a whole day too when deep down you cannot stand any of those guys and the game for two seconds.

All these works for you until the day you both have to do one of the things he/she likes and you begin to endure every single second of the game/show/meal. The nightmare does not end there for you, because he/she notices and realizes you don’t like these things and you only said it because you were scared he/she would not stay or he/she will not like you anymore if you did not share their love of whatever. This leads to the person getting surprised, disappointed and irritated at your decision to lie about something because you were scared how they would feel.

Then he/she would  begin to see you as someone different from the secure/confident person they met and it is all downward spiral from there because you begin to seem pretty needy and let me add, scary.

The call that comes after. Okay this is basically for the ladies. Sometimes, we go on amazing fun dates that make us connect with the person we are with as if we have known them forever. We fall in love instantly and nothing can convince us that this is not meant to be. So when we get home and we wait for the call that says “I had an amazing time” for hours and it doesn’t come, then we become anxious and  grab our phone and sit down, tapping our freshly pedicured feet while we hold ourselves back from calling this new guy.

When he still doesn’t call one minute later, we do the calling, asking him how the date was and if he enjoyed it. Then we go ahead and call every time we don’t get a call from this new person.

Haba? If na you, you no go run?



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