Prostitute Who Services Celebs Rates Rappers Penises

share on: got an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW of Jenna Shea – a popular ESCORT who services rappers and athletes. She dished secrets on your favorite celebs and she didn’t hold back at all. In this clip, from The Mary Carey Happy Hour Show on Vivid Radio heard on SiriusXM channel 102, she rated which rappers have the biggest d*cks.

Jenna Shea
Jenna Shea

Soulja Boy and Jenna Shea
Soulja Boy and Jenna Shea

Here’s what she had to say:

6 – Lil Wayne – she says he has a PENCIL D*CK and that he c*ms quickly.
5. Soulja Boy – Says he’s pretty average.
4. Rob Kardashian – She says he’s pretty big, above average
3 – French Montana – She says he got a BIG D*CK.
2. Tyga – She says he was so BIG that he gave her a bladder infection.
1. Fabolous – She says it’s the biggest d*ck she’s ever seen – including stuff she saw on the internet.

Watch the clip below;




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  1. It’s sorta sad that Big-Boobed babes like Jenna Shaw will probably never have babies. These actresses/models/mistresses/call girls avoid the hassle of kids and make a living selling sterile sex. Will Christina Hendricks or Sophia Vergara or Kat Dennings have kids? Very unlikely. Big-boobed babes are as likely to have babies as bull-dykes./Users/tomlang/Desktop/BRAIN-WASHED & BRAIN-DAM[n]AGED—Print Data File.pdf

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